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Leading Oral Care Brand Perfora Witnesses An 8X Spike In Conversions With WebEngage’s Web Personalization
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WebEngage has indeed been a game-changer for Perfora. From being a part of the WebEngage Startup Program to working with them fully, their platform has empowered us to connect with our customers on a whole new level. 

Drishti Singhal
Head - D2C Growth, Perfora

About Perfora

Perfora is a practical and promising oral care brand with precisely designed products to enhance everyday oral care routines. The company has collaborated closely with experts to develop products that prioritize safety and effectiveness by incorporating better-for-you ingredients and technology. Perfora positions itself as an innovative player in the oral care industry, striving to simplify and elevate consumer oral care experiences.

Recognizing the significance of oral care in daily routines and the limited availability of exciting products in the market, Perfora was conceptualized with a mission to bring value to everyday consumers. The company’s vision is centered around creating a clean, functional, and design-driven oral care brand.


The brand was also featured on Shark Tank India Season 2 in February 2023, and also raised funding from top sharks on the show.

According to market data, India’s oral care market was valued at $641 million in 2022, and it is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2022 to 2030, ultimately reaching $1295 million in 2030.

Perfora’s core objective is to develop innovative, safe, and effective oral care products tailored to the modern Indian consumer. Their approach is rooted in scientific research, design-led principles, and a commitment to delivering a superior oral care experience.

Perfora’s journey with the WebEngage Startup Program:

Initially, being a digital-first brand, Perfora wanted to provide its users with a holistic, engaging experience with personalized communications across all touch points.

As a new entrant in the oral care space, Perfora started thinking about user engagement early when it was just a 6-month-old brand and started looking for solutions. That’s when the brand joined the WebEngage Startup Program, an accelerator program for early-stage B2C startups.

The WSP Impact:

By collaborating with the WebEngage Startup Program, Perfora set up the right foundations for retention-led growth early in their journey. With the dedicated support from WebEngage’s advisors and by leveraging omnichannel capabilities, Perfora reduced its cart abandonment rates by 13%. Additionally, the brand focused on retaining existing customers by providing them with a better oral care experience.

Read Perfora’s experience with the WebEngage Startup Program here.

WSP Results
Perfora’s results with the WebEngage Startup Program

Key Features Used

The Perfora team began by deploying WebEngage’s personalization stack on their platform. By incorporating & analyzing user attributes & behavior, the team enabled users to engage with them holistically, thereby giving them the optimal platform experience.

Website personalization
Website personalization enables you to create personalized experiences on your website for each user based on different audience personas, segments, events, and user attributes.

Catalog and Recommendation Engine
Recommendation: Personalize your communication with recommendations based on users’ actions or events. For example, if a user purchases shoes, you can use our recommendation engine to suggest other products, like a pair of socks, that the user might be interested in purchasing.
Catalog: This helps you keep all your product information up-to-date and send relevant, personalized communications. For example, you can fetch the updated price information for a product from an uploaded Catalog and ensure you never send stale or incorrect data in your messages.

Perfora & WebEngage – A Collaborative Effort

Company’s Objectives and Challenges


On a product level:

  1. Reduce Cart Abandonment
  2. Increase Repeat Purchases
  3. Increase Monthly Active Users (MAU)

On a company level:

  1. Building personalized connections with users & driving personalized experiences.
  2. Automating retention flow and bringing all their channels under one roof.
  3. Data-driven approach toward retention marketing.


  1. Leveraging MAUs post shark tank for optimal user engagement and retention
  2. Targeting these users to convert & buy from the platform
  3. Run replenishment campaigns – to incentivize users to become recurring customers


Results for perfora

To know more about how Perfora solved for it’s challenges and achieved its objectives, download our Impact Story.
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Drishti Singhal

Drishti Singhal Head - D2C Growth, Perfora

WebEngage has indeed been a game-changer for Perfora. From being a part of the WebEngage Startup Program to working with them fully, their platform has empowered us to connect with our customers on a whole new level.

With their tools, we’ve been able to engage users in real time, delivering personalized experiences that resonate with our audience. WebEngage has played a pivotal role in our success, from reducing cart abandonment to increasing customer loyalty.

From kickstarting its journey with WebEngage Startup Program, to leveraging the WebEngage platform holistically, there’s a lot to learn from Perfora. Download our Impact Story to know more. 🔽
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