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Global Gaming Brand PlaySQR Doubles Its User Base with WebEngage in 6 Months
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At PlaySQR, I’ve navigated various tools, but WebEngage stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Moreover, their Customer Support has significantly improved our customer engagement.

David Simons
Commercial Director

About PlaySQR

PlaySQR, a global gaming brand, seamlessly blends technology and gaming passion to provide an unrivaled player experience worldwide. With a commitment to delivering the best sports betting odds for global events, PlaySQR offers a diverse gaming repertoire encompassing slots, table games, and video poker, all featuring captivating graphics and progressive jackpots powered by industry-trusted brands.

Prioritizing players, PlaySQR goes beyond gaming, offering enticing bonuses and promotions. The gaming experience extends to mobile devices, ensuring accessibility anytime, anywhere. Backed by a 24/7 Live Chat and Customer Service, PlaySQR stands ready to address player queries and concerns. Furthermore, the brand champions responsible gaming, creating an environment that enables confident play while promoting responsible gaming practices—a testament to PlaySQR’s commitment to secure and enjoyable gaming for all.

PlaySQR’s Objectives

  1. Launch and Recognition: PlaySQR embarked on a journey to introduce a new brand to the market, with a primary focus on creating widespread brand awareness. Its objective was clear – to position itself as a market leader.
  2. Customer Loyalty Building: Understanding that offering market-leading products was just the beginning, its emphasis extended to fostering lasting relationships, laying the foundation for a seamless and interactive experience.
  3. Onboarding Journeys and Product Experience: At this initial stage, attention was directed toward building onboarding journeys and product experiences that could forge strong connections with customers.
  4. Journey Automation: Automation emerged as a crucial aspect to streamline and automate interactions through customer journeys. The goal was to create personalized pathways for users, enhancing their overall experience.

PlaySQR’s Challenges In Driving The Objective

  • Omnichannel Communication: A key challenge faced by PlaySQR was the need for an omnichannel platform capable of automating and customizing communication across multiple countries. The solution sought to seamlessly handle diverse communication channels and allow for personalized interactions.
  • Multifaceted Segmentation: The company operates in multiple languages and countries, with varying product and device preferences among its user base. Achieving truly relevant and tailored offers necessitated a level of content customization that could effectively cater to this diverse landscape.
  • Multilingual and Multinational Dynamics: The complexity of operating across multiple languages and countries added another layer of intricacy to content customization. PlaySQR faced the challenge of not only translating content but also ensuring that the nuances and cultural sensitivities were preserved.


PlaySQR Results

The Way Forward for PlaySQR

  1. On a product level:
    • The PlaySQR team plans on using AMP Emails, going forward.
    • AMP emails allow you to serve a range of interactive and dynamic email content, including carousels, accordions, purchase buttons, and other call-to-actions, without opening an additional tab to visit a website.
    • Moreover, the team wants to explore features like Custom Alerts, App Personalization & Push notifications to further increase engagement and personalization for users.
  2. On a company level:
    • On the company front, the PlaySQR team has now launched their app to expand their adoption in the audience.
    • They have some very exciting use cases coming up, and with the implementation of further personalization with the WebEngage dashboard, there’s a lot in store for them.
    • We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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David Simons

David Simons Commercial Director

At PlaySQR, I’ve navigated various tools, but WebEngage stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Moreover, their Customer Support has significantly improved our customer engagement.

To learn how PlaySQR increased its conversions, clicks, revenue and more, download our Impact Story™ now.
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