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Saudi Arabia’s Leading E-Commerce Brand HNAK Witnesses A 68% Reduction In Cart Abandonment
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    Reduction in Cart Abandonment

WebEngage has been quite instrumental in boosting our growth metrics. The WebEngage dashboard has also helped us reduce the number of human hours in automating our processes, enabling us to enhance our efficiency.

Qutaibah Alsharif
Chief Executive Officer, HNAK

About HNAK

Hnak.com is an e-commerce branch of the Al Musbah group. With 100+ stores across West Asia, HNAK brings locally manufactured products into the limelight and is one of the leading retail companies in Saudi Arabia. Although the traditional retail sector always focuses on getting what is in the foreign markets to the local ones, HNAK is positioned to shift that focus by being the home of top international brands while actively telescoping and supporting local trends and talents.

Furthermore, HNAK brings a variety of pop-ups, apparel, fashion, technology, retail, regional, international, online shopping, and beauty to the fore with its products and services. Today, with 3000+ brands selling on their website and free shipping, easy returns, and secure payments, HNAK provides customers with the perfect local and international shopping experience.


  • Making email and push communications more effective and impactful
  • Connect with users to boost revenue
  • Increase engagement with existing as well as new users


  • Difficulty in tapping into the right audience due to complex segmentation
  • A rise in user acquisition costs leading to a drop in user retention rate
  • Limited personalization and real-time communication to engage users across touchpoints
  • Difficulty in mapping customer journeys and identifying user drop-offs to prevent churn

Why WebEngage

Before onboarding WebEngage, HNAK faced multiple challenges regarding reaching the right audience and the ever-rising costs of user acquisition. This is where WebEngage stepped in. Its competitive pricing, the sales team’s dedicated and unambiguous approach, and the WebEngage team’s knowledge about the product and the tools sealed the deal for the E-commerce brand.

Moreover, the dashboard and reporting systems were easy to understand, there was a lot of content about WebEngage and its tools readily available on the website, and going through all the procedures for the first time didn’t seem like an arduous task.

Their search for a retention platform that would help them engage and retain more customers in real-time while reducing the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) for their E-commerce brand was finally complete. And after vetting a couple of options, HNAK sealed the deal with WebEngage, and the rest is history.

Download our Impact Story to know how HNAK used the WebEngage platform to completely transform their push and email strategies.

Qutaibah Alsharif

Qutaibah Alsharif Chief Executive Officer, HNAK

WebEngage has been quite instrumental in boosting our growth metrics. Within six months of using WebEngage, we have witnessed a good jump in our marketing email open rates. The email templates on the WebEngage dashboard also help us reduce the number of human hours in designing the emails, enabling us to enhance our efficiency.

Sounds interesting? The detailed version has some fantastic insights! 👇🏻
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