Building Data Pipelines before GTMs for Day-0 Retention Wins!

  • 11 May 2023 | 1 hr 35min Podcast

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Get ready to learn from one of the best in the business of growth and retention marketing. In this episode of “The State of Retention Marketing”, catch Ankur as he sits down with Bharat, VP – Marketing at Junglee Games. They discuss various topics related to marketing, retention, and data obsession in the gaming industry.

Bharat shares his journey from sales to marketing to retention in gaming and talks about the maturity of marketing automation at Junglee Games over the years. He emphasizes the importance of data and how it pays off for Junglee Games, but also acknowledges the difficulty of other industries being equally data-obsessed. Bharat also shares his secrets to eliminating data delusions while making business decisions and managing fragments of data.

The conversation also covers the evolution of consumer ecosystems and product companies, as well as the internal struggle for space versus personalized app experiences. Bharat reflects on what he would do differently if he went back in time and emphasizes the importance of hiring the right people.

As the discussion pivots, they touch upon the high demand and low supply of growth retention experts. Bharat also makes strong suggestions on how to make retention interesting.

Finally, the chat covers interventions made from an automation, personalization, and segmentation point of view, as well as the shift to user-triggered interventions for customization and regular journey reprioritization for value addition.

Overall, listening to this conversation is a must for anyone interested in growth and retention marketing.
Bharat highlights the importance of data and analytics in marketing automation. He emphasizes that understanding why a certain funnel underperforms is key to the maturity of marketing automation. He suggests that the problems faced by the marketing team today require solutions that are BI-led, data-led, and product-led. Marketing cannot exist as an independent function in a digital-first company.

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