CRO: The Antidote to MarTech Overload

  • 27 Apr 2023 | 1 hr 8 mins Podcast

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In the next episode of “The State of Retention Marketing” Podcast, meet Ronak who spearheads growth for Candere, a company by Kalyan Jewellers. The conversation highlights how easy it can be for D2C brands to autopilot marketing campaigns & provide friction-free user experiences, given the business funnels are prioritized accurately.

Candere, a brand that prides itself on personalized engagement journeys, accomplishes this feat by meticulously breaking down funnel steps based on user profiles, products, and offers. While this level of granularity can be daunting for some, the data and tech infrastructure at Candere is advanced enough to handle it with ease. The automated triggers are timely, scalable, and continually improving, with order delivery updates serving as a robust channel to drive repeats and upsells.

Customer Data Enrichment is a priority at Candere, but not at the expense of conversions. They are exploring alternative routes to enhancing user profiles while simultaneously reducing friction.

Sahewal shares Candere’s ultimate framework for conversion rate optimization, a four-funnel approach that breaks down the funnel steps based on user profiles, products, and offers. They also delve into market demography and consumer behavior in online jewelry purchases, discussing how AI-driven personalized engagement can improve customer experience.

The conversation moves on to social sharing and predictive customer journey orchestration, with a focus on personalized offers and discounts as a winning strategy for customer retention. They also discuss the importance of establishing brand trust through exchange policies and buy-backs, tracking engagement data for contextual personalization, and reducing friction in the user journey as a key to retention.

Ronak shares nuances about how the trust building exercises can vary for first time vs revisiting users. They delve into the success of triggered campaigns and simplifying data fragmentation, as well as finding the right balance between incentives, sustainable behavior, and wallet strategy.

The brand has started exploring offline experience centers & this will help Candere provide a look & feel of the products to its users. Finally, the duo explore gifting as a segment is, & how it plays a major role in cross-sells across the industry.

This episode of “The State of Retention Marketing Podcast” promises to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in optimizing conversion rates, improving customer experience, and building long-term customer relationships in the online jewelry industry. Tune in to gain insights from Ronak Sahewal and the host on the latest strategies and best practices in retention marketing.

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