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Episode 13

Unlock the secrets of customer retention in banking as Ankur Gattani hosts a captivating conversation with Azmat Habibulla, CMO, South Indian Bank. Catch them as they talk about how South Indian Bank is striking the perfect balance of retaining customers without overwhelming them with targeted marketing.

54 mins | 09 June, 2023

About the episode

In the 13th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing at WebEngage, engages in an insightful conversation with Azmat Habibulla, CMO, South Indian Bank. Tune in as Azmat shares her vast experience in pioneering traditional to modern marketing approaches, drawing on her background in FMCG and BFSI sectors. She highlights the significance of customer retention in igniting profitability within the banking landscape. The conversation looks closer at South Indian Bank’s dynamic portfolio and targeted marketing initiatives while maintaining trust and technology at its core communication.

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FMCG to BFSI: Pioneering Traditional to Modern Marketing



Customer Retention: Igniting Profitability in Banking



Relationship Value & Product Diversity in Banking



South Indian Bank's Dynamic Portfolio & Targeted Marketing



Balancing Targeted Marketing at South Indian Bank



Sophisticated Engagement Strategies of South Indian Bank



Trust Meets Tech: South Indian Bank Since 1929



Driving Profitability with Digital Experience



Conquering Customer Churn: The Loyalty Battle



Propensity-Driven Precision: Dynamic Data Science for Targeted Segmentation



Unveiling Factors Behind Consumer Choice in Banking



Humanizing Data for Tailored Campaigns in Banking



Key Considerations for Adopting a Successful MarTech Stack

About the speaker

Azmat Habibulla

Chief Marketing Officer, South Indian Bank

Azmat Habibulla is a seasoned marketing leader with expertise in driving business transformation for FMCG and BFSI brands. With a focus on digital marketing, branding, strategic partnerships, and thought leadership, she has successfully implemented customer strategies based on consumer insights. Currently leading marketing and retention initiatives at South Indian Bank, Azmat is passionate about leveraging digital technologies for business growth. She is known for her hunger to stay ahead of MarTech trends and continuously improve her skills.

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