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Episode 27

Tune in as we untangle misconceptions, dissect nuances between CDPs, CRM, and DMP, and navigate the selection process, offering a concise guide for marketers and businesses to bridge the gap between perception and reality in CDPs.

54 mins | October 5, 2023

About the episode

In the 27th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage, delves into the intricate world of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) with David Raab, the Founder of the CDP Institute. Together, they demystify the complexities of CDPs, exploring topics ranging from data lakes and ethical challenges to impactful use cases.

Throughout the episode, Ankur and David unravel the misconceptions surrounding CDPs, clarifying the differences between CDPs, CRM, and DMP. They dissect the nuances of data lakes versus data warehouses, illuminating the audience on the architectural intricacies of CDPs within Martech stacks. The episode navigates the critical process of CDP selection, offering valuable insights for marketers and businesses.

Tune in as Ankur and David provide a comprehensive guide, bridging the gap between perception and reality in the realm of Customer Data Platforms.

Navigate through the chapters



Why Your Customer Database Might Not Be a CDP: A Deep Dive



Beyond Profiles: Exploring the Growing Role of CDPs in Different Industries



CDP vs. CRM vs. DMP: Clearing the Confusion in Customer Data



Understanding Buyer Confusion in CDPs



The Growing Role of CDPs Across Enterprise Functions



Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses: Understanding the Nuances



Balancing Vendor Claims with Real-World Needs in CDP Selection



Navigating the Ethical Boundaries of Customer Data



Ethical Decision-Making in CDP Implementations



CDPs and Ethical Data Practices in India's Consumer-Centric Era



Beyond Cookies: Understanding User Privacy in CDP Implementations



Connecting the Dots: Data Architecture and User Engagement in CDP Deployments



Strategic Frameworks for CDP Success: A Guide to Effective Vendor Selection



Strategic CDP Selection: Reducing 150+ Choices to the Perfect Fit



AI and CDPs Unveiling a New Era in Marketing



An Old CDP Success Story in the World of Games

About the speaker

David Raab

Founder at CDP Institute

Meet David Raab, the visionary founder of the CDP Institute and a marketing technology expert since 1987. As an independent consultant, he has guided major corporations in retail, insurance, healthcare, and technology. David’s insights have graced top-tier publications and international conferences, making him a respected voice in the industry. A prolific writer, he’s authored essential resources like the “Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit” and the “Guide to Customer Data Platforms,” demystifying complex concepts for businesses worldwide. With a knack for simplifying the intricate, David Raab continues to revolutionize the marketing landscape, shaping the future of customer data platforms.

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