Episode 12

Gaurav Tyagi

Join us for an exciting episode as Adani One taps into a massive 400M consumer base, bridging online and physical touchpoints at airports, gas stations, and beyond. Discover their strategic use of data, shaping the future of customer interactions.

Unite, Ignite, Succeed: Adani One's Radical Impact on 400M Users!

01 Jun 2023 | 32 mins Podcast

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Welcome to The State of Retention Marketing, a captivating podcast hosted by Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage. In this insightful episode, Ankur engages in an enriching conversation with Gaurav Tyagi, the GM of Marketing at Adani Digital Labs. Together, they explore a wide range of topics that shed light on the evolving landscape of OTA and the airlines industry.

The journey kicks off as Gaurav shares his remarkable professional trajectory from Yatra.com to GroupM, followed by his impactful role at Indigo Airlines, and now at Adani Digital Labs.

Next, they delve into the world of unification, segmentation, and personalized targeting at Indigo Airlines. Gaurav unravels the strategies employed to deliver tailored experiences to customers, showcasing how Indigo Airlines leverages cutting-edge techniques to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

The conversation then delves into the data-driven transformation journey undertaken by Indigo Airlines, focusing on their unified digitalization approach. Listeners gain valuable insights into how Indigo Airlines leverages data analytics and technology to optimize operations, drive informed decision-making, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Ankur and Gaurav explore the fascinating realm of understanding consumer behavior and analyzing data for segmentation and personalized messaging. They uncover the power of data-driven insights in crafting targeted and relevant marketing campaigns that resonate with customers on a deeper level.

The spotlight then shifts to Adani One, where Gaurav sheds light on their visionary project of bridging physical and online businesses to access an astounding 400 million consumers. Uncover the strategic approaches and integration of various touchpoints that Adani One employs to provide a seamless and unified experience to their extensive consumer base.

The conversation continues to the topic of cross-service rewards, where Gaurav reveals how Adani One incentivizes customers to utilize multiple services. Learn about the effective techniques employed to foster loyalty and engagement by offering enticing rewards that transcend individual service offerings.

With the discussion drawing to a close, the conversation touches upon Adani One’s ambitious duty-free reach beyond Adani-controlled airports, hinting at their innovative expansion plans and the future of retention marketing.

Join Ankur Gattani and Gaurav Tyagi on this captivating journey through The State of Retention Marketing, as they unravel the strategies, challenges, and innovations that shape the industry. Gain valuable insights, industry expertise, and actionable takeaways that will empower you to thrive in the dynamic world of retention marketing.

About the Guest

Gaurav Tyagi, GM - Marketing at Adani Digital Labs, is a seasoned professional with 15 years of digital marketing expertise. He excels in digital strategy, search, display, mobile marketing, programmatic buying, and social media. Gaurav's analytical approach and deep understanding of data-driven decision-making have led to successful campaigns in travel, real estate, classifieds, SME/SMBs, aviation, FMCG, IT/technology, and automobile sectors. With a focus on digital ROI, Gaurav drives impactful marketing initiatives at Adani Digital Labs.

Gaurav Tyagi

GM – Marketing at Adani Digital Labs
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