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Episode 2

In this episode, we uncover the exciting world of digital consumer lending in India, the companys’ focus on customer segmentation, personalization and the innovation that drives Ring's success.

1 hr 37 mins | 10 February, 2023

About the episode

The State of Retention Marketing Podcast’s second episode invites listeners to join a fascinating conversation between Ankur and Karan Mehta, the Founder and CTO, Kissht and Ring. This episode focuses on the company’s positioning in the digital consumer lending space in India and the customer awareness and responsiveness to credit systems in the country.

Kissht and Ring are innovative digital lending platforms designed to provide quick and easy access to credit for young, tech-savvy customers in India. With the help of strong credit bureau systems in the country, the companies are able to better understand their customers and make informed lending decisions. Recognizing the need for a dedicated transactional credit platform, Kissht pivoted to Ring.

Karan provides insight into the company’s customer acquisition playbook, including incentives for merchants and user journeys for merchant-led customers to Ring. He also shares his experience with Swipe in 2013 and the dramatic change in payment methods in India. To support accurate customer segmentation, Ring invests in people and technology, and is exploring the possibility of creating social impact through microfinancing in rural areas.

At the core of Ring’s strategy is a strong focus on customer segmentation and personalization. The company tracks daily and monthly KPIs to continuously optimize and improve the customer experience. With a commitment to creating a highly personalized experience for customers from their first touchpoint with the brand, Ring aims to expand its reach to a PAN India level while maturing in its personalization index.

Karan shares his vision for Ring and the steps the company is taking to achieve its goals. The focus is on constantly improving and optimizing to better serve customers and achieve business success. Ring’s dedication to understanding and serving its customers, combined with its investment in people and technology, sets it apart in the digital consumer lending space.

Listen to the episode and join the conversation as Ankur and Karan explore the exciting world of digital consumer lending in India and the future of the industry. Get ready to be inspired by the innovation and dedication that drives Ring’s success, and discover the steps the company is taking to make a positive impact on its customers and the world.

Navigate through the chapters



Introductions & Kishhts' positioning in the Consumer Digital Lending Space



Kissht & Ring USP, primary customer base & how strong credit bureau systems in India help



The need for product pivot from Kishht to Ring



PAN Card & KYC checks, RBI Regulations, One limitation of the Retention Engagement for Ring



Customer Acquisition Playbook & Incentives for Merchants 



User Journeys for merchant-led customers to Ring, network effects, & surprisingly low CACs



Total Addressable Market, Percentage of Customers being served so far, comments on scalable market model & profits



Industry Competition, Unit Economics & Roadmap to PAN India Expansion



Payment vs lending companies, & how they'll continue to shape up in the course of time



Karan's journey with Swipe in 2013, India's quick escalation from card to QRs & how payments methods across the country changed overnight



Inside Views on Ring's Investment in People & Technology to support accurate Customer Segmentation



Product evolution - changes to data capturing & engagement methods pre & post automated underwritings



Increasing scope of lending markets - Karan & Ankur share a few surprising niches & use cases



Growing impact of Influencer marketing across rural geographies, How Karan began farming by learning on youtube



Karan explores a possibility to create social impact through micro-financing in rural areas & helping women access credit for small businesses



Why Kissht & Ring continue to exist as different companies & what's the way ahead 



Building Data Stacks at Kissht - Collection Sources, Attributes, Derived Variables, Unification, Privacy Guidelines, etc.



Deep Dive into Customer Segmentation Methods at Ring



Optimization for Drop offs & Improving Retention Rates, Identifying Dormant Pools, Revenue Measurement



Payment Reminders, Penalties, Commonly observed anomalies, Campaign Management for customers who've paid their dues



Experiment with Automated Voice Calls, Language & Channel Preferences , Stitching feedback to Segmentation Data



Level of personalization through content, mode of payment & rewards, UI/UX customization, etc.



Rings’ wishlist on Hyper-personalization: Optimizing for customers' first touch point with brand



The Power of Personalization and Founders' DNA in Scaling Businesses Like Ring & WebEngage



Daily & Monthly Tracked KPIs, Ownership & Collaboration between teams



Karan Shares Product Ambitions for Ring & Steps to Achieve it



What Keeps Energies High for Everyone at Ring

About the speaker

Karan Mehta

Founder and CTO, Kissht and Ring

Karan Mehta is a tech leader and entrepreneur as the Founder and CTO of Kissht and Ring. He is currently building a digital and fully automated lending life cycle product for consumer lending in India. With a passion for innovation and a proven track record of delivering high-quality digital solutions, Karan is a sought-after speaker in the fintech industry.

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