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Episode 30

This episode unveils Pranil's unconventional career journey, emphasizing DailyObjects' success rooted in meticulous customer engagement, data-driven strategies, and the fusion of creativity with real-time analytics for sustained growth and innovation.

1 hr 18 mins | October 26, 2023

About the episode

In the 30th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur has a dynamic conversation with Pranil Shah, the growth visionary behind DailyObjects.

We explore the transformative journey of DailyObjects from a tech-focused platform to a versatile lifestyle brand. Pranil’s unconventional career trajectory, from being a CA gold medalist to working in a VC firm, and startup founder, infuses his growth strategies with a unique perspective.

Central to DailyObjects’ success is its meticulous approach to customer engagement, where Pranil emphasizes the critical balance between innovative product offerings and personalized customer experiences.

The discussion delves deep into DailyObjects’ data-driven strategies, emphasizing the organization’s agility in adapting to consumer behaviors. Pranil reveals the art of segmentation and personalization, tailoring communications based on intricate customer patterns and real-time insights.

With a dedicated team and a keen focus on real-time analytics, DailyObjects stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity and data-driven decision-making. Through emotional commerce and seamless integration of diverse products, DailyObjects thrives, crafting a compelling narrative of growth, innovation, and customer loyalty.

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Pranil's Unconventional Career Journey: From CA to VC to Founder to Growth Marketing



How Pranil Assessed DailyObjects Before Joining Them



Key Considerations When Choosing Your Next Gig



Strategies, Challenges, and Facilitation: Inside DailyObjects' Growth Core



Unveiling the DailyObjects Brand Story



Beyond Tech: DailyObjects' Transformation into Modern Lifestyle Essentials



Emotional Commerce: DailyObjects' Approach to Building Customer Connections



A Two-Pronged Approach to Innovation and Retention



Harmonizing Creativity and Commerce: DailyObjects' Seamless Integration



In the Trenches of Growth: DailyObjects' Team Dynamics and Prioritization Strategies



Unlocking Conversion Potential: DailyObjects' Segmentation and Personalization Tactics



Patterns and Priorities: Navigating DailyObjects' Data Landscape



The Future of DailyObjects: Exciting Things Ahead

About the speaker

Pranil Shah

Head of Growth at DailyObjects

Pranil Shah is a distinguished individual, holding a gold medal in Chartered Accountancy and boasting over 9 years of diverse experience in e-commerce, brand development, marketing, venture financing, and advisory services. Passionate about unraveling the growth opportunities within the dynamic landscape of direct-to-consumer startups, Pranil currently serves as the Head of Marketing & Growth at DailyObjects, a leading VC-funded lifestyle brand valued at over 200 crores. Additionally, he is the visionary founder of Jholmaal, a pop-culture-inspired D2C gifting brand, where he honed his expertise in performance marketing, growth strategies, and effective people management in fast-paced environments. With a steadfast belief in continuous learning and adaptability, Pranil collaborates with creative minds and agile teams, driving innovation and navigating disruptive elements in the ever-evolving D2C startup sphere.

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