News Engagement Redefined: Editorial Wisdom Meets Algorithmic Precision

  • 19 Oct 2023 | 54 mins Podcast

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In the 29th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage, dives deep into the digital media landscape with Udit Jain, VP – Digital Strategy & Growth, Outlook Publishing. Together, they dissect the complexities of segmentation in the digital media landscape, offering valuable insights into news engagement and user behavior.

Catch them as they discuss the different avenues digital news platforms generate revenue from, breaking echo chambers with editorial wisdom and algorithm precision and the role of CDPs in enhancing personalization.

Udit shares his experiences in guiding Outlook Publishing through the digital transformation journey. He discusses the challenges related to ROI and the meticulous approach they take toward technology adoption. Emphasizing the importance of a thoughtful business model, Udit explains how each technological investment aligns with revenue growth and user value.

This episode will be fruitful for marketing folks in the digital media landscape on how they can crack news engagement whilst maintaining journalistic integrity.

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