Growth Comes in Bundles at Times Prime

  • 16 Nov 2023 | 48 mins Podcast

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In the 32nd episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur speaks with Gyan Pratap Singh, Head of Growth, Times Prime. Join them as they uncover the key strategies employed by the platform to navigate its vast user base successfully. The conversation unfolds the challenges of maintaining user engagement without overwhelming them with information. Gyan discusses the critical role of smart segmentation, utilizing transactional data and understanding user behavior to tailor offerings effectively. Whether you’re intrigued by subscription-based models, user retention techniques, or managing a diverse product portfolio, this episode offers a compelling glimpse into Times Prime’s approach to sustainable growth.

Tackling the balance between offering a wide array of benefits and avoiding user fatigue, Gyan provides a nuanced perspective on the importance of strategic user segmentation. He emphasizes the significance of understanding user personas and leveraging this insight to create targeted and personalized interactions. For anyone interested in the dynamics of user engagement, the challenges of a multi-category platform, or the intricate dance of retention and growth, this episode provides a valuable exploration of Times Prime’s journey.

The conversation concludes with a reflection on the diverse nature of user preferences and the ongoing efforts to enhance the convenience and appeal of the platform. Gyan’s insights shed light on the continuous evolution of Times Prime’s strategies, making this episode a compelling watch for those curious about the ever-changing landscape of subscription-based services and the delicate art of user management.

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