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Episode 21

Tune in as we chat with Rishubh Satiya and unveil the inside scoop on how Plix carved its path to success.

1 hr 3 mins | August 10, 2023

About the episode

Dive into the 21 episode of the State of Retention Marketing podcast, hosted by Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage. Our guest for this episode is none other than Rishubh Satiya, the CEO & Co-Founder of Plix, who takes us through the brand’s thrilling growth story.

Picture this: a potent blend of ambitious dreams, a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, and an unshakable obsession with data, math, and achieving those satisfying positive ROAS figures. And the result? Well, it’s what catapulted Plix into a whopping INR 150 Crore ARR business in just 4 years!

But there’s more to the tale. It’s not just about profits and revenue. It’s about the art of content, the secret sauce of retention, and the magic of unit economics.

So, tune in as we chat with Rishubh Satiya and unveil the inside scoop on how Plix carved its path to success.

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From Engineer to Plant-Based Trailblazer



Collaboration > Competition: Joining Forces for Success



Tradition Meets Modern: Nutri-Health Solutions for Daily Wellbeing



Unit Economics: ACV's Effervescence Market Triumph



Maximizing UGC for Effective Upselling and Cross-Selling



Learnings & Regrets: The Importance of Early Retention Initiatives



Plix's Dynamic Content and Retention Strategies



2X ROAS: The Winning Equation of Math, Data, and A/B Testing



Prioritizing Unit Economics, Clear ROAS Attribution over Branding



Steering Clear of Discounting Pitfalls to Achieve Revenue Goals



Acquiring Customers: Plix's Organic, Influencer, and Viral Strategies



Rolling Up Sleeves: Life as a Bootstrapped Co-Founder



Rishubh's Leadership Quest: Traits Sought After Raising Capital



Plix's Growth Metrics: ROAS and More



Balancing Expectations and ROAS Across Channels: Plix's Approach



The Impact of VC Funding on Plix's Growth Strategy



Founders’ Vision: Sustainable Growth Without Capital Exhaustion



Raising Capital: Navigating the Reality Beyond Glorification



Evolving Beyond Profitability: Journey to Scalable Market Leadership

About the speaker

Rishubh Satiya

CEO & Co-Founder at Plix

Rishubh Satiya, the CEO & Co-Founder, exudes boundless enthusiasm when it comes to business. He fearlessly dives into challenges, unafraid to get his hands dirty and lead by example. With an unwavering commitment to growth and innovation, Rishubh’s dynamic leadership shapes Plix’s path in the nutri-health landscape.

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