Episode 20

Jatan Bawa

In this conversation, we unravel the secrets behind finding that one golden idea from a million possibilities, pioneering an entirely new category, and winning over customers. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing revelation as Jatan Bawa, the mastermind behind Perfora, spills the beans and shares his surefire strategies for acquiring customers and cultivating a loyalist tribe.

Data-Driven Storytelling & Customer Centricity: The Perfora Story

03 Aug 2023 | 1 hr Podcast

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In the 20 episode of The State of Retention Marketing, Jatan Bawa, Founder of the new-age brand Perfora chats with Ankur about what goes into building, growing and sustaining a new category. Join us as we delve deep into Jatan’s mind and unveil secrets like finding that one golden idea amidst a million possibilities, strategies that give his brand an edge and the role storytelling plays in conquering customers’ hearts.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking that spark of inspiration or a business leader aiming to revolutionize your industry, this episode is a must-listen.

About the Guest

Meet Jatan Bawa, the Founder of Perfora, a new-age brand that is not only redefining oral care but is also turning heads with its innovative and stunning products. With extensive experience in leadership roles at Akiva Superfoods and VADHAM India, Jatan brings a wealth of knowledge and a visionary mindset to create a consumer brand that stands out in the market.

Jatan Bawa

Founder at Perfora

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