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Episode 22

Tune in as we unravel the intricate journey of a fashion retail company, navigating the challenges of data capture, transforming one-time buyers into loyal customers, curating captivating capsule collections, and mastering the art of brainstorming, AB testing, launching, and learning—where data and intuition synergize.

1 hr 2 mins | August 17, 2023

About the episode

Imagine this – a brand deeply entrenched in the world of offline shopping for over two decades, now navigating the tumultuous waves of the digital revolution ignited by the COVID upheaval. It’s a tale shifting gears and learning on the way.
Get ready to immerse yourself in the 22nd episode of ‘The State of Retention Marketing’ podcast, hosted by Ankur Gattani, VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage. Our guest in this episode is Manasi Karmarkar, Head of Digital Marketing at TCNS Group.

In this episode, we dive headfirst into the nuanced challenges and successes of a fashion retail company’s endeavor to capture data, transform one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers, curate captivating capsule collections, and navigate the intricate landscape of brainstorming, AB testing, launching, and learning through the synergy of data and intuition.

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From Chemical Biology to Digital Marketing: Manasi’s Journey



COVID Learnings for Marketers: Balancing Offline-Online Fashion Retail



Online Trust & the Retail Experience in India's Fashion Landscape



TCNS' 22-Year Journey: Segmentation and Insights for W Fashion Brand



Trends, Intuition, and Ever-Evolving Preferences in Women's Fashion



Dynamic Communication: TCNS' Strategies for W and Aurelia Brands



Smart Customer Data Capture and Interaction: Leveraging WhatsApp



The Anatomy of Exciting Loyalty Programs



Personalization and Experiential Changes on Your Website



Expanding AOV: Leveraging New Categories and Marketplaces for Growth



TCNS Clothing's Growth: Loyalty, Value, and Marketplace Dynamics



Trendsetting Online Exclusives: Elevating Return Users and KPIs in Fashion



Crafting Funnels, Personas, and Winning Collections with Data



TCNS Clothing: Advancing Data, User Engagement, and Retention Maturity



Navigating Growth in a Competitive Fashion Retail Landscape

About the speaker

Manasi Karmarkar

Head of Digital Marketing at TCNS Group

Meet Manasi Karmarkar: a passionate marketer weaving impactful narratives. With a knack for driving business growth through digital innovation, she collaborates cross-functionally to shape holistic outcomes. Spanning retail and fashion, her expertise extends to omni-channel strategies and data-driven decisions, all while championing a consumer-centric approach. An approachable leader, she values her team’s growth and balances professional success with personal well-being.

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