Episode 23

Ankur Khaitan

In this compelling episode, Ankur Khaitan, a seasoned venture capitalist, delves into the art of retention for D2C startups. From identifying the correct tech-play to crafting effective customer retention strategies, Ankur's guide is a must-listen for anyone seeking to forge a strong connection with their consumers. Tune in to explore the secrets of success in the world of retention!

Ankur Khaitan's Retention Roadmap: A VC's Galactic Guide

07 Sep 2023 | 1 hr 2 mins Podcast

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In this insightful podcast episode, venture capitalist Ankur Khaitan shares valuable strategies for improving customer retention in the world of D2C startups. Khaitan’s expertise offers a roadmap for success, covering key topics like the tech foundation, criticality of retention from day-0, measuring success and the secrets of success.

This episode is a valuable resource for both seasoned entrepreneurs and newcomers, offering a clear path to building strong connections with consumers and ensuring the success of your D2C startup. Tune in for a concise guide to retention mastery!

About the Guest

Ankur Khaitan, Principal at Fireside Ventures, is a dynamic professional who's made a fascinating shift from consulting to venture capital. With a background in technology and business development, Ankur has honed his skills in diverse fields. However, his true passion lies in identifying and nurturing promising startups.

Ankur Khaitan

Principal at Fireside Ventures

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