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Episode 42

As consumer behavior shifts rapidly with the advent of technology, legacy companies are adapting to stay relevant in the market. Through digital makeovers and technology enhancements, they aim to revamp their business strategies and customer interactions.

1 hr 15 mins

About the episode

This is a “Common Threads” episode of The State of Retention Marketing Podcast, where we’re drawing parallels between insights from two different episodes. Join Ankur as he dives into how two legacy Indian giants, Eureka Forbes and Angel One, are embracing digital change to keep up with consumer habits that are evolving rapidly.

Ankur explores how Eureka Forbes and Angel One are leveraging technology, data, and people to enhance customer experiences and stay competitive. From embracing new tech tools to hiring the right kind of talent, these companies are reshaping how they engage with customers and deliver products.

This special episode is full of valuable insights from Eureka Forbes and Angel One’s digital transformations.

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Unveiling the Purpose: Goals of Digital Transformation



Balancing Act: Navigating Talent Training and New Hires for Driving Change



Tech Partnerships & Tooling: Navigating MarTech Adoption and Execution



Maximizing Business Success: Harnessing Both Existing and New Data

About the speaker

Shubham Srivastava

Chief Product & Technology Officer at Eureka Forbes

Shubham Srivastava, the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Eureka Forbes, is a technology leader passionate about building high-growth businesses. With a background in consumer tech and media, he brings extensive industry experience to his role. Shubham’s current focus is on developing India’s next-generation health tech platform, leveraging technology to drive growth, enhance brand equity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Ankit Rastogi

Chief Product Officer at Angel One

Meet Ankit Rastogi, the Chief Product Officer at Angel One, who has been at the forefront of driving innovation and transforming the landscape of a legacy investment and financial services firm. With a deep passion for product development and a keen eye for emerging trends, Ankit is dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that empower users and provide seamless, user-centric experiences.

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