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Episode 43

Legacy telcos like Airtel are retention masters since the 90s. It took a while to get them on our podcast, but we had questions! What's the telcos' retention game plan? And what's Airtel's next growth move? Anshul, AVP - Growth at Airtel, has all the answers.

1 hr 1 min

About the episode

For the first time on The State of Retention Marketing Podcast, we’ve got a telecom growth leader join a conversation with Ankur Gattani.

In this episode, with Anshul Agarwal, AVP – Growth at Airtel, shares invaluable insights into how legacy telcos like Airtel have mastered the art of retention since the 90s, highlighting the significance of retaining customers in a fiercely competitive industry.

We begin by exploring the multifaceted approach Airtel employs to retain its massive customer base, exceeding 330-350 million prepaid customers. Anshul emphasizes the importance of transitioning users from low-value prepaid services to high-value offerings like postpaid and broadband. Airtel’s strategy involves leveraging user behavior data to identify buying triggers and purchasing power, enabling targeted marketing efforts.

Anshul sheds light on the automation and segmentation processes Airtel utilizes to effectively manage its vast customer base, ensuring personalized communication and engagement. The discussion delves into Airtel’s efforts to expand customer relationships beyond telecommunications services, offering a diverse range of products and services to enhance customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Furthermore, Anshul provides insights into Airtel’s sophisticated system architecture, which facilitates seamless communication between various departments to prevent churn and foster long-term loyalty. He outlines Airtel’s initiatives to target rural markets in India, with 30,000 sites.

This episode serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their retention strategies, drawing inspiration from Airtel’s success in building enduring customer relationships in a dynamic and competitive market landscape.

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Anshul's Growth Adventure from Broadcast to Broadband



The Two Types of Retention in Telecom



Maximizing Lifetime Value of Prepaid Customers



Unveiling Customer Triggers and Barriers for Explosive Growth



Driving High-Value Conversions with Insightful Hacks



Airtel's Rural Focus Strategically Driving Data Growth and Acquisition



Broadband to Be the Next Growth Frontier



How Airtel is Accelerating Broadband Adoption for Entertainment



Airtel's 3-Pronged Growth Approach



Graduating Premium Users to Airtel Black



Customer-Centricity: Airtel's Competitive Edge



Airtel's Innovation Drive: Broadening Connectivity with Smart Solutions



A Unified Approach in Airtel's Multi-LOB Strategy



Navigating Data Monetization Challenges in the Telco Industry



Charting Airtel's Growth Trajectory: Exploring Next-Gen Initiatives in 2024



Leveraging AI, Data, and Customer Channels in 2024

About the speaker

Anshul Agarwal

AVP - Growth at Airtel

Anshul, with over 12 years of marketing experience, is currently leading Airtel’s Online Growth team. Previously, he spearheaded OYO’s global referral program and played a pivotal role in their US market launch. At Network18, he excelled as a Brand Manager, boosting brands like CNN-News18 and FirstPost. Anshul’s mission? Driving growth and innovation in the marketing sphere.

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