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Episode 44

Social Offline is a popular hangout for millennials and Gen Zs, whether they're meeting up for work parties, catching up with friends, or going on dates. Rahul Wishard, in charge of CRM & Loyalty for Social's parent brand, shares insights into what keeps customers coming back for more.

55 mins

About the episode

There have been many firsts on this podcast. The first BFSI chat with Karan Mehta of Kissht & Ring, our recent conversation with Airtel, and most recently, our first F&B interaction. In this episode, Ankur Gattani is joined by Rahul Wishard, Head of CRM & Loyalty at Impresario Handmade Restaurants, which operates successful chains like Social Offline, anti-Social, Smoke House Deli, Salt Water Cafe, and Boss Burger.

In their chat, they uncover the cool behind Social’s CRM and Loyalty architecture, discussing:

    • The various facets of the dining and hospitality industry
    • Customers’ reluctance to share mobile numbers in the restaurant business
    • The importance of data and segmentation for F&B businesses post COVID-19
    • The challenges of capturing customer feedback in offline settings
    • Leveraging technology partners to expedite innovation
    • How brands perceive CRM functions
    • The evolution of data collection from registers to DotPe

Up-and-coming restaurateurs and players in the hospitality industry will learn a great deal from this episode.

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How Did Rahul End Up in CRM?



From Empty Tables to Full Insights: Impresario's Data Journey in Hospitality



Beyond Database Marketing: Crafting Customer Journeys in Hospitality



Contrasting CRM Evolution in Hospitality vs. Retail



From Registers to Wi-Fi: Tracing the Evolution of Data Capture in Hospitality



Navigating Consumer Segmentation in Hospitality



Mastering Data Chaos: Scaling CRM & Loyalty Across 51 Outlets



Empowering 50+ Outlets: Unveiling the Significance of CRM & Loyalty



Decoding Social's CRM Strategy: Metrics, Insights, and Impact



Unraveling Social's Consumer Patterns: From Corporate Celebrations to Chill Hangouts



Empowering Frontline Staff: The Future of Personalized Dining Experiences



F&B Personalization: Data and Tech for Better Customer Experience



Enhancing Customer Feedback Mechanisms in F&B: Challenges and Solutions



Scaling Experiences & Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles



Strategic Partnerships for Data Capture and Customer Engagement in F&B

About the speaker

Rahul Wishard

Head of CRM & Loyalty at Impresario Handmade Restaurants

Meet Rahul Wishard, Head of CRM & Loyalty at Impresario Handmade Restaurants. With 12+ years of experience in CRM Analytics and Brand Loyalty, Rahul excels in member retention and new customer acquisition. He blends proven engagement strategies with data-driven tactics to boost sales and enhance brand perception.

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