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Episode 48

Over the years, retention strategies and perspectives on MarTech have undergone significant evolution. Initially, MarTech was often seen as a tool primarily for digital-first businesses. However, as the digital landscape has become increasingly integral to all industries, legacy businesses have begun to take MarTech more seriously.

34 mins

About the episode

In episode 48 of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani stitches two old conversations with Keyur Dhami and Apoorv Sood from WebEngage to dive deep into the world of retention strategies, MarTech evolution, and ROI attribution.

Ankur sets the stage, reminding us that sometimes we need to go back to basics, especially in a whirlwind of discussions about user engagement, product tweaks, and data crunching. Then, Apoorv kicks things off, taking us on a journey through the twists and turns of retention strategies over the past 7-8 years. It’s like time-traveling through the evolution of how companies keep us coming back for more.

Keyur chimes in with stories of how both old-school and new-age businesses are diving headfirst into MarTech tools to supercharge their retention efforts.

They dive into the waters of ROI attribution, unraveling the mystery behind measuring the return on investment in all these fancy tools. Spoiler alert: it’s trickier than it seems.

As they chat, they also dish out nuggets of wisdom about how important it is for everyone in the company, from the CEO to the CTO, to take ownership of retention. It’s like they’re handing out keys to the kingdom of customer satisfaction.

And let’s not forget about the unsung heroes of digital transformation – the talent supply. Keyur shares tales of their struggles and triumphs in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

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Customer Retention: A Decade of Evolution and Changing Mindsets



MarTech: Bridging Old-School and New-Age Business



Decoding MarTech ROI: Addressing Concerns and Evaluation Strategies



Leadership Perspectives on Unlocking Retention Success



Talent Supply in Digital Transformation: Keyur's Insights

About the speaker

Keyur Dhami

VP - Center of Excellence, WebEngage

Keyur Dhami is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in Information Technology. As the VP of Center of Excellence at WebEngage, he’s leading the for the past 8 years, he brings extensive expertise in business analysis, consulting, and bridging the gap between business and technology teams. With a strong track record in Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, and Security domains, Keyur excels in requirement gathering, high-level solution provision, and pre-sales activities. His sharp insights and strategic approach have been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for clients.

Apoorv Sood

VP - Global Business Development & Partnerships, WebEngage

Apoorv Sood, the VP – Global Business Development & Partnerships at WebEngage, brings a wealth of experience in Software, SAAS, MarTech, and Digital Advertising/Media. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer value creation, he has witnessed the transformative journey of MarTech in India over the past 8 years. He advocates for the effectiveness of point solutions and emphasizes the importance of agility, drawing valuable lessons from leaders’ pandemic-induced mistakes.

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