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Episode 47

In this podcast episode, Ankur Gattani and Rahul Raina, Vice President - ONMO, OnMobile Global, delve into the world of cloud gaming, revealing insights into ONMO's mobile-centric approach and gaming economics. From managing in-game currency to exploring gaming's influence on diverse sectors, this conversation offers a captivating glimpse into the evolving landscape of gaming and technology.

49 mins

About the episode

The State of Retention Marketing podcast returns with yet another exploration into the dynamic world of gaming, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of technology and consumer behavior. This time, Ankur Gattani and Rahul Raina, Vice President of Products at ONMO, lead the discussion on cloud gaming.

Rahul’s extensive experience in the tech sector, dating back to the era of Value Added Services (VAS), provides a rich backdrop for the conversation. Having transitioned from delivering news via SMS to spearheading ONMO’s global initiatives, Rahul’s insights offer a comprehensive view of the digital evolution.

Ankur’s keen interest in understanding ONMO’s operations prompts an exploration of their cloud gaming platform, designed specifically for mobile users. Foregoing traditional app downloads, ONMO emphasizes subscription models tailored to diverse demographics, particularly in the Indian market.

The conversation delves deep into the intricate economics of gaming, including strategies for managing in-game currency and fostering sustained player engagement through targeted offers and shared subscriptions. These insights underscore the strategic importance of monetization and user retention in the gaming industry.

Of particular interest is the broader impact of gaming’s acquisition and retention tactics on adjacent sectors, such as e-commerce and quick commerce. The discussion highlights the emergence of gamified loyalty programs and social currency as influential factors in consumer engagement beyond the realm of gaming.

As the episode unfolds, Ankur emerges with a wealth of new perspectives and a renewed sense of anticipation for the future of gaming.

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From SMS to Cloud Gaming: Unraveling Rahul's Journey with OnMobile



Telcos' Trailblazing: Driving Retention & Metadata Magic in Early Digital Times



ONMO: Gaming Evolution Beyond Downloads



Navigating Global Complexity: ONMO's Localization & Channel Strategies



Balancing Act: Central Control vs. Regional Flexibility in Global Operations



Early Days to Engaged Users: Onmo's Journey with Retention & Engagement



Retention Strategies: Navigating User Behaviors in Gaming Platforms



Gamification Strategies: Enhancing User Engagement Across Industries



Understanding User Personas: Insights into ONMO's Audience Segmentation



Optimizing Acquisition: Balancing RoAS and User Engagement in Gaming



Keeping Players Engaged: Strategies for Coin Management and User Retention

About the speaker

Rahul Raina

Rahul Raina, Vice President at ONMO, OnMobile Global

Meet Rahul Raina, Vice President – ONMO, OnMobile Global. With 15 years in the industry, he’s a pro at blending product savvy with business smarts. From Cloud Gaming to AI, Rahul’s all about innovative experiences. With global experience across Europe and APAC, he’s shaping entertainment at ONMO.

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