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Episode 46

We all know that data is the new oil, but how many legacy businesses are effectively fueling their operations with this powerful resource? What bottlenecks are preventing them from harnessing this data, and how can they measure ROI from MarTech tools? Join Ruchdi Hamed Naji as he shares his insights from the KSA Market.

53 mins

About the episode

In this episode, Ankur Gattani and Ruchdi Hamed Naji dive deep into the world of marketing, sharing stories and insights that’ll make you rethink how you approach reaching out to customers. Ruchdi, who’s been in the game for a while, tells us how he went from the fast-paced world of advertising agencies to leading marketing efforts in Saudi Arabia. Along the way, he learned a great deal about the power of data.

Ruchdi’s big on using technology to tailor messages for each customer. He talks about how something as simple as knowing what a customer likes can make a huge difference.

But not every company’s on board with this approach yet. Some still think it’s too complicated or expensive. Ruchdi’s out to change that mindset. He believes in showing them that it’s not as hard as they think, and the payoff is totally worth it.

He’s got some great tips, too. Like how to manage expectations and showcase early wins to get buy-in from the big bosses. And he’s all about taking things one step at a time. No need to go all-in right away. Start small, see what works, then build from there.

And let’s not forget the success stories. Ruchdi shares how they won back customers who’d gone silent, and how they’re encouraging more people to shop online. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between online and offline, making sure everyone gets the best experience no matter how they choose to shop.

Through it all, Ruchdi’s driven by one thing: understanding the customer. Whether it’s through AI or good old-fashioned conversation, he’s all about making sure each customer feels like they matter. Because at the end of the day, that’s what keeps them coming back for more.

Navigate through the chapters



Ruchdi's Career Path So Far



Addressing Data's Neglect in Legacy Systems



Exploring the Correlation: Ruchdi's Perspective on First-Party Data and Customer Retention



Unveiling the Oversight: Legacy Brands and the Untapped Potential of Data



Decoding ROI: Reimagining Success Metrics in Ruchdi's Universe



Balancing Act: Navigating Investment Strategies in MarTech and CDP Tooling



Ruchdi's Favorite MarTech Success Story: Impact and Metrics



Campaigns & Strategies: Bridging Offline to Online Customer Conversion



Discounting Dynamics in KSA: Ruchdi's Advocacy for Value-Added Services



How Ruchdi's Travels Nurture the Current Marketer in Him



MarTech: No Longer a Luxury, but a Necessity



Improved Business Performance through MarTech Understanding



AI: A Fundamental Aspect of Sustainable Solutions Today

About the speaker

Ruchdi Hamed Naji

Marketing and Business Development Director at Almanea Co.

Meet Ruchdi, Marketing and Business Development Director at Almanea Co. With a passion for data-driven marketing, he’s known for his dynamic leadership and knack for turning insights into growth strategies. With experience spanning various sectors, Ruchdi excels in navigating complex marketing landscapes and empowering his team to excel.

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