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Episode 39

In this episode, delve into bridging customer-partner gaps, MarTech strategies, and the delicate balance between internal talent and external expertise.

1 hr | February 22, 2024

About the episode

This is episode 39 of The State of Retention Marketing podcast. But this is the first conversation for Ankur in the MEA region as he speaks to Ankit Bansal, Co-founder and General Manager, SellThru, a first of its kind digital marketing agency based in Dubai, UAE.

Ankit and his team are bridging the gap between customers and partners, making waves in CRM, Marketing Automation, and SEO. In the podcast he does not hold back on the ever-evolving markets of the MEA region, from market maturity to the digital shift from websites to apps and the rising tide of Martech solutions.

Their conversation extends to evaluating retention maturity and UI/UX standards, comparing approaches between legacy brands and digital-first innovators. They also examine the delicate balance between internal talent and external expertise within legacy organizations, highlighting strategies for maximizing potential.

From investment approaches to fostering customer loyalty and leveraging data as the key to retention success, we cover a range of topics essential to retention marketing. They dissect MarTech investment strategies, discuss pricing and ROI expectations, and share transformative tales from the agency trenches.

Navigate through the chapters



Agency to Client and Back Again



Building Bridges: Integrated CRM, Marketing Automation, and SEO



Exploring the Diversity and Expertise Across the Marketing Agency Landscape



Understanding the Lay of the Land



Evaluating Retention Maturity: Rating UAE & KSA



Comparing UI/UX Standards: Legacy Brands versus Digital-First Innovators



Balancing Internal Talent and External Expertise in Legacy Orgs



From Bold Investments to Half-Hearted Attempts



Fostering Customer Loyalty in Finite Markets



Data - The Key to Retention Success



MarTech Investment: Stack Selection, Overpayment, and Underutilization



3 Avoidable Mistakes in Stack Building



Exploring Client Pitches, Pricing, and ROI in CRM and Retention Marketing



Deciphering ROI Expectations and Benchmarks in Client-Agency Dynamics



Balancing Cost and ROI: Navigating Tool Selection in Marketing Budgets



Elevating Business Impact: Transformative Tales from the Agency Trenches



Strategic Talent Magnetism: Fueling Growth in CRM and Retention Marketing

About the speaker

Ankit Bansal

Co-Founder & General Manager at SellThru

Meet Ankit Bansal. He has navigated various facets of the marketing industry with over a decade of experience. Starting at Accenture managing Google’s DoubleClick Search product, he later ventured into performance marketing agencies in Dubai, handling prestigious accounts like Emirates Airlines. Transitioning to the client side, he gained insights at luxury fashion marketplace The List and fast-paced fashion marketplace Sixth Street. Now, as co-founder of SellThru, Ankit is back to the agency side and leads with a client-centric approach, leveraging his diverse background to drive impactful marketing strategies.

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