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Episode 40

When 846 million Bharat audience gained access to the internet, almost half of them eagerly jumped on the wagon to relive childhood nostalgia through online gaming.

50 mins | March 7, 2024

About the episode

Board games were a staple of many millennials’ and boomers’ childhoods, but with the digital revolution, 846 million Bharat audience gained internet access via smartphones. Online gaming exploded, with nearly half of these users joining in, from ludo to poker.

Zupee, a real-money gaming platform, dominates this space. In an hour-long chat with Zupee’s Nishant Jaiswal at their HQ, Ankur found out that Indians are not just keen on online games but also more likely to become paying users if they play more than five games within 24 hours.

Their approach is mature, evaluating each acquisition channel based on LTV by CAC. They recalibrate strategies within a seven-day window, predicting a channel’s profitability over 24 months.

Discover what metrics define a power user and how Zupee is responsibly addressing the challenges of online gaming. Listen to the full episode for more insights.

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Serendipity's Path: Navigating Nishant's Unpredictable Career Journey



Playing the Nostalgia Card in Real Money Gaming



Mastering the Game of Indian Gaming and Real Money Ventures



Quantum Gaming: Winning with Data-Driven Decisions



Retain and Reign: Strategies for Gaming Success from Day One to Power User Status



Nurturing Gaming Enthusiasts for Long-Term Engagement



How Zupee Advocates Responsible Gaming & Builds Trust



Zupee's Approach to Responsible Gaming Through Community Insights



Unlocking India's Market: Language and Localization Strategy



Crafting a Marketing Tech Stack: Smart Solutions for Growth



Maximizing AI and ML: Winning Strategies in Gaming



Navigating User Behavior: Zupee's Real-Time Intervention Strategy

About the speaker

Nishant Jaiswal

Vice President Digital Marketing at Zupee

Meet Nishant, a marketing pro with over 15 years of experience across various domains like Performance Marketing, Branding, and Retention. At Zupee, he’s the VP of Marketing, leading the charge on user acquisition, product marketing, and re-engagement strategies. With a knack for achieving incredible results, Nishant has driven a 10X surge in monthly new depositing users at Zupee and boosted revenue growth at Adda52 by 45% year-over-year. He’s your go-to guy for all things digital, from Google and Facebook to AI/ML-based DSPs. Always strategic, always hands-on, Nishant is passionate about driving business results and achieving key performance indicators.

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