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Episode 41

Traditionally, car reselling and buying has been a cumbersome process, taking 2-3 months and lacking transparency. Sellers often settle for less-than-ideal deals. Discover how Anuvrat Gaurav is revolutionizing this with digital innovation in the MEA region.

1 hr 12 mins | March 14, 2024

About the episode

Investing in a car is one of the most significant transactions one makes, akin to buying property. It’s a blend of emotions and practicality. Similarly, selling used cars is also an emotional decision, often entailing a tedious process lasting 2-3 months, with uncertain pricing. Test-driving with strangers and incessant query calls add to the hassle. Recognizing this issue, stepped in with digital solutions to streamline the process.

In this episode, Ankur and Anuvrat Gaurav, Regional Country Director,, dive into the exciting changes happening in the car reselling scene, especially in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. is leading the charge with its network of 24 branches across the UAE. Using digital tech, they’ve made car selling a breeze – their customers can get a price estimate in just 30 seconds and sell their vehicle in 30 minutes! Plus, they’ve got a thorough 180-point inspection process and competitive auctions to ensure you get a fair deal.

Throughout their chat, they stress the importance of putting customers first in this digital age. They discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with embracing technology in the car reselling game, and how data-driven decisions are shaping the future.

Anuvrat also highlights his passion for enhancing customer experience, personalizing language for expats (their customers) across the UAE and KSA. He emphasizes how discounting cannot be the solution for a business and discusses the importance of servicing customers with a great experience as the only way to grow a business by retaining customers.

From improving the customer experience to building trust in big-ticket transactions, digital solutions are shaking things up in the MEA automotive world. This podcast will be a great listen for marketers obsessed with information asymmetry via tech interventions.

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Unplanned Ascension: A Retailer's Journey to Business Leadership



Navigating Customer-Centric Retail Challenges



Orchestrating Success: Navigating Complex Organizations vs Agile Startups



Transforming Car Trading: Insights from the Middle East Market



Technology's Evolution in Car Trading: From Assistance to Independence



Simplified Car Trading: Transparent Pricing for Hassle-Free Transactions



Unlocking Trust: The Key to Retention



What is Good for Customer is Good for Business



Creating a Customer-Centric Car Trading Ecosystem



Streamlining Car Buying: From Consideration to Purchase in Three Days



Balancing Technology, Retention, and Profitability in E-Commerce



Understanding Short-Term Choices in Business: Compulsions and Challenges



Enhancing User Experience Through Personalization and Data Utilization



Navigating Technology Trends in the UAE Ecosystem

About the speaker

Anuvrat Gaurav

Regional Country Director at

Meet Anuvrat Gaurav, a dynamic retail leader with over 17 years of experience. He’s all about launching businesses, leading top-notch teams, and boosting efficiency.. With a knack for negotiations and mergers, he knows the retail scene inside out, especially in the MEA region. Whether it’s big corporations or startups, Anuvrat’s got the magic touch to drive growth and profitability. Currently, as the Regional Country Director at, he’s revolutionizing the automotive industry with innovation and customer-centric solutions.

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