CredAble on How to De-addict from Short-Term Customer Incentives

  • 20 Apr 2023 | 1 hr 24 mins Podcast

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From film-making to content to leading product growth - Nandini’s journey so far

Cracking the Code: How organization Design Drives Product Growth at CredAble

Identifying power users & keeping them hooked: Interventions that drive engagement in the loan application stage

Data-Driven Personalization: How Product Recommendations Supercharge Borrower Experience

From Drop-Offs to Acknowledgments: Optimizing Borrower Engagement in the Loan Disbursal Process

Unlocking Value: Steps to maximizing Consumer LTV

Beyond the First Transaction: Nurturing the Consumer Journey for Long-Term Product Adoption

Crunching the Numbers: Key Indicators of Active User Engagement with CredAble's Product

The Stickiness Quotient: Nudging Users Along the Consumer Journey for Lasting Habit Formation

Rising to the Top: Evaluating Product Market Fit and Upscale's Hero Product Status

Moment of Myth: SME Business Owners’ Tech savviness with video KYC & other onboarding steps

Outshining Competitors: Leveraging Peer Referencing and Non-Monetary Incentives in Invoice Management

In It for the Long Haul: CredAble's Sustainable Competitor Advantage Unveiled


In the latest episode of “The State of Retention Marketing” podcast, host Ankur sits down with Nandini Chandra, the Associate Director of Product Growth at CredAble, to discuss how CredAble’s Growth Enabling Platform in the Lending Vertical – Upscale – is helping users form long-term habits beyond term loans.

Nandini started her journey with film-making, moved to content creation, & then to leading product growth at CredAble. She delves into how organizational design plays a crucial role in driving product growth at CredAble, and how the company has cracked the code to create a successful product that keeps users engaged.

One of the key topics of discussion is identifying power users and keeping them hooked by implementing effective interventions during the loan application stage. Nandini highlights how data-driven personalization, such as product recommendations, can supercharge the borrower experience and increase engagement.

Optimizing borrower engagement in the loan disbursal process becomes an important step to reduce drop-offs. Nandini shares insights on how CredAble maximizes consumer lifetime value (LTV) by nurturing the consumer journey beyond the first transaction, fostering long-term product adoption.

The episode also delves into key indicators of active user engagement with CredAble’s product, crunching the numbers to understand user behavior and the stickiness quotient. Nandini shares strategies on how CredAble nudges users along the consumer journey to form lasting habits and maximize engagement.

The episode also highlights how CredAble evaluates product market fit and Upscale’s hero product status, rising to the top by leveraging peer referencing and non-monetary incentives in invoice management. Nandini and Ankur discuss how CredAble outshines competitors by unveiling its sustainable competitive advantage.

A moment of myth is also debunked as Nandini sheds light on SME business owners’ tech savviness with video KYC and other onboarding steps.
Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of CredAble’s Growth Enabling Platform – Upscale – and how it ticks all the blocks in helping users form long-term habits with the product. Nandini’s expertise and insights into product growth strategies, data-driven personalization, optimizing borrower engagement, and maximizing consumer LTV make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in retention marketing and product growth. CredAble’s sustainable competitive advantage and innovative approaches to outshine competitors are also highlighted, making this episode a valuable resource for businesses looking to excel in the lending vertical.

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