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Episode 5

In this episode, we discover how AppsForBharat is digitizing spiritual experiences for billions of Indians, with a range of digital offerings that enhance the user journey. See how MarTech plays a key role in this innovative product.

1 hr 18 mins | 30 Mar 2023

About the episode

Welcome to this episode where Ankur has a fascinating conversation with Prashant Sachan, the CEO of AppsForBharat. Prashant has a mission to help billions of Indians on their spiritual and devotional journeys!

Prashant is a seasoned entrepreneur. He opens up about the challenges he overcame while obtaining funding, and how his experience at Trell, & working with Chinese investors gave him valuable insights on building an environment for scaling Engagement-First Businesses. He talks about how he optimized different growth strategies resulting in an impressive 76% of their users engaging with the app on their own without any prompting from marketers.

Prashant shares his insights on building a successful app and emphasizes the importance of mastering retention. He explains what early-stage entrepreneurs should prioritize when building their product and how AppsForBharat built trust from the ground up through their data practices and customer engagement philosophy.

The conversation turns to scaling AppsForBharat beyond 100K daily active users, and Prashant discusses how the team works together. He shares a very unique angle of looking at network effects, & how it plays a crucial role in peer-to-peer re-activation. As the episode continues, Ankur & Prashant discuss the nuances of founder-investor dynamics.

Prashant shares his insights on balancing investment, product, and talent as a first-time founder and the importance of experimentation and scaling at AppsForBharat. The interview concludes with a discussion on the limits of growth and whether infinite growth is the goal for AppsForBharat.

Overall, this episode is packed with valuable insights and lessons from Prashant Sachan’s experience as a successful entrepreneur. You’ll gain knowledge on building an Engagement-First Business, prioritizing product development, mastering retention, building trust through data practices, and customer engagement philosophies. You’ll also learn about scaling strategies, team dynamics, and the founder-investor relationship. So, sit back, relax, and discover the magic behind the success of AppsForBharat!

Navigate through the chapters



From Employee to Entrepreneur: The Stirring Journey of Prashant



Fighting for Funds: Trell's China Lessons



Spiritual Revolution: The Genesis of AppsForBharat



The Secret Sauce to Success: How AppsForBharat Masters Retention



Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: What to Prioritize When Building Your Product



Building Trust from the Ground Up: AppsForBharat's Data Practices



Keeping Customers Happy: The Customer Engagement Philosophy of AppsForBharat



The Next Chapter: Scaling AppsForBharat Beyond 100K DAUs



The People Behind the Product: How Teams Work Together at AppsForBharat



Unlocking Reactivation: Navigating Network Effects with Under 5K DAUs



The Art of Alignment: Founder-Investor Dynamics in AppsForBharat's Growth Story



Fueling Growth: Balancing Investment, Product, and Talent as a First-Time Founder



The Magic Number: Experimentation and Scaling at AppsForBharat



The Limits of Growth: Is Infinite Growth the Goal for AppsForBharat?

About the speaker

Prashant Sachan

Founder & CEO, AppsForBharat

Prashant Sachan is the founder & CEO of AppsForBharat, an A+ team on a mission to guide a billion Indians on their spiritual journeys. He’s compiled his learnings on data & scaling engagement first businesses from his previously co-founded Trell!

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