Why Predictive Customer Engagement Is Transforming MarTech As We Know It

  • 23 Feb 2023 | 1 hr Podcast

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In the latest episode of “The State of Retention Marketing” podcast, Ankur and Kshitij Mathur, the Group CRM at the Good Glamm Group, get into the nitty-gritty of the group’s MarTech stack and their strategy for implementing personalization at scale.

The discussion begins with an introduction to Good Glamm Group’s companies, their unique selling points, audience profiling, data unification, and their cross-selling synergies. Kshitij explains how this approach helps them maximize the consumer life cycle and create a better user experience.

The conversation then moves to the daily metrics that Good Glamm Group tracks, along with their loyalty scoring methods, and how these metrics help them achieve their personalization goals. Kshitij then delves into the differences between segmentation and personalization and how brands can avoid confusion between the two. He also shares the Day0 Framework, which helps early D2C brands mature in their journey of personalization.

As the episode progresses, Ankur and Kshitij discuss the engagement methods Good Glamm Group uses to scale personalization, including the role of automation, geo-based personalization, and product recommendations in retention. Kshitij shares the group’s personalization goals for 2023 and how they plan to overcome bottlenecks and industry competition.

The episode also touches on outdated engagement methods and how to stay ahead of the competition with predictive customer engagement. Kshitij outlines the steps for moving from data to action and achieving predictive customer engagement, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in building a retention stack that combines content and personalization.

Kshitij offers his top three considerations for building a successful retention stack, including the importance of using data to drive business contribution. The conversation concludes with a discussion of drawing the line between optimizing conversion rates and user experience and how to choose MarTech tools that empower rather than limit.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into Good Glamm Group’s MarTech stack and their approach to personalization at scale. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand where they stand on the MarTech maturity index and figure out their next steps for advancement. The episode strikes a perfect balance between technical jargon and a practical understanding of how to apply these principles in real-world scenarios, making it accessible to both marketers and data scientists.

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