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Episode 6

If you’re someone who’s trying to solve for user engagement & retention, this episode is going to be very crucial! Jupiter Money’s Growth Head drops the ultimate - 3-layered framework to go about simplifying the mar-tech journey! We uncover user activation, engagement, & resurrection & a methodical approach!

1 hr 15 mins | 13 Apr 2023

About the episode

Get ready to learn from one of the best in the business of growth and retention marketing! In this episode of “The State of Retention Marketing”, Ankur sits down with Abhisha, the Growth Head of Jupiter Neo Bank. Abhisha has spent countless hours researching and studying the growth problems faced by retention practitioners. Drawing on her insights & experience, she has put together a 3-layered framework that is designed to help people position themselves in the retention maturity index and solve for user engagement in the most effective way!

During the episode, Abhisha shares her journey so far, including her learnings from Trell. She explains how the growth pod is structured at Jupiter with three major pillars of retention. She dives deep into the first pillar, which focuses on the 0-1 journey with activation, and shares engagement interventions that can help users find value in the product.

Abhisha’s research has led her to understand the importance of gauging the maturity of the ecosystem to determine the loyalty of the user. She also stresses the importance of taking a sustainable first approach to businesses. Abhisha shares the ideal ICP for Jupiter and peels the onion to understand engagement user states, including power, core, and casual.

Jupiter has a current user base of 2Mn users. As the conversation progresses, Ankur & Abhisha discuss how fragmented data can get especially at the cross-sell stage & possible ways to go about simplifying this. Abhisha discusses where Jupiter is headed to deliver personalization and the importance of people orchestration to own segmentation and personalization. She also shares the dos and don’ts of retention and when to use resurrection strategies to bring back inactive users.

Overall, listening to this conversation is a must for anyone interested in growth and retention marketing. Abhisha’s framework is a valuable tool for growth practitioners, and her research-backed insights provide assurance that the strategies and interventions discussed can be applied by growth folks who are on their way to optimize for personalization at scale. So, tune in and learn from one of the best in the business!

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From Trell to Jupiter: Abhisha's Journey So Far & Learnings



Inside Jupiter's Growth Pod: The 3 Pillars of Retention



The First Pillar: How to Ace the 0-1 User Activation Journey



Engagement Interventions at D7, D15 to Ensure User is Finding Value in Product



Journeying with Jupiter: The User Flow You Need to Know



Activation Triggers: Product, Notifications, Incentives, People



Gauging User Loyalty: The Ultimate Maturity Index for your ecosystem



The Founder's Mindset: Your Key to Sustainable Business on Jupiter



The Ideal ICP for Jupiter: Secrets to Finding the Perfect Fit



Peeling the Onion: Understanding User States for Powerful Engagement



Dealing with Data Fragmentation: Retention Strategies for 2Mn users



Jupiter's Personalization Quest: Where the Company is Headed Next



People Orchestration: Who owns Segmentation and Personalization



Retention Dos and Don'ts: Learn from Jupiter's Best Practices



User Resurrection Strategies & When to use Them?

About the speaker

Abhisha Shrivastava

Associate Director - Growth, Jupiter

Abhisha Shrivastava is a seasoned entrepreneur and Growth Head of Jupiter Neo Bank. Her passion for growth and retention marketing has led her to study the challenges faced by growth practitioners. She has put together a 3-layered framework to help people solve for user engagement and position themselves in the retention maturity index.

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