Episode 35

Neehar Modi & Chaitanya Shah

In the crowded Indian wellness D2C market, HyugaLife is breaking the mold. They aim to be more than just another brand by offering a unique one-stop shop for wellness needs. Their approach focuses on solving consumer problems through a diverse product portfolio and a vertical setup, challenging the conventional belief in subcategory D2C platforms.

HyugaLife's Tactical Triumph through Problem-Centric Verticals

07 Dec 2023 | 50 mins Podcast

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Welcome to the 35th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast! In today’s conversation, Ankur Gattani, CGO, WebEngage, engages with Neehar Modi and Chaitanya Shah, Founding Members, HyugaLife. They dive into the intricacies of how the marketplace is reshaping the cluttered landscape of the wellness D2C market, adopting a unique focus on vertical problem-solving rather than merely presenting another wellness brand.

Less than a year into their venture, HyugaLife has already established an in-house tech team working closely with marketing and product teams. Chaitanya, the product and tech head at HyugaLife, sheds light on their approach, emphasizing that they aren’t in direct competition with other D2C brands. Instead, their marketplace model aims to boost revenue for other brands, especially amid the challenges of running a D2C operation in today’s landscape.

During the conversation, they unravel the personas of their protein consumers, exploring their monthly repeat rate and delving into the contemporary consumer behavior of brand hopping. Chaitanya emphasizes their unique positioning, not just as a marketplace but as content creators who offer personalized nutrition consultations, guiding customers through their wellness journey.

Neehar provides insights into consumer behavior, revealing that customers often use more than one product and brand, leading to incremental increases in customer lifetime value (LTV).

As founding members who serendipitously met at Amazon Luxemburg, they are on a mission to establish a comprehensive vertical play, leveraging robust tech integrations to drive revenue through their carts.

Join us as we unravel the story of these founding members, turning their chance meeting into a dynamic force shaping the future of wellness in the D2C space.

About the Guest

Neehar Modi, innovative COO at HyugaLife, spearheads the D2C venture with a consumer-centric strategy. Committed to personalized wellness experiences, he shapes HyugaLife's mission. Chaitanya Shah, a dynamic tech leader from Amazon, now steers HyugaLife's tech and product teams. Drawing from project management expertise, Chaitanya fosters a strong team dynamic. Together, Neehar and Chaitanya embody the driving force behind HyugaLife's mission and innovation, shaping the company's future.

Neehar Modi & Chaitanya Shah

Founding Members, HyugaLife

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