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Episode 34

With a team of 350+ experienced tour operators, Veena World strives to overcome budget constraints and craft unforgettable memories for users. Their detail-oriented products cater to different segments of travelers.

1 hr | November 30, 2023

About the episode

In the 34th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani experiences an unusual emotion—jealousy. It’s a rare occurrence for our CGO, and this time, it’s all about travel. In this special episode, Ankur delves into a conversation with Neil Patil, Founder & Director of Veena World.

Neil’s journey is rooted in a childhood surrounded by travelers, sparking the inception of Veena World, a scalable travel business. In this episode, Neil shares how Veena World strategically addressed pain points for solo travelers, the elderly, honeymooners, and luxury seekers. Their GTM strategy, fueled by user engagement and retention initiatives, is meticulously crafted.

From podcasts and newsletters to engaging with customers on various platforms, Veena World maximizes technology and social media for distribution. They share a wealth of knowledge, encouraging travelers to prioritize experiences over budgets.

Ankur and Neil delve into the significance of data and profiling, revealing how it keeps Veena World on customers’ minds between their trips, fostering repeat business.

This episode is a treasure trove for those aiming to enhance customer engagement in the travel and tour industry.

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Understanding and Fulfilling the Individual Needs of Travelers with Precision



Post-Pandemic Precision: Streamlining Strategies for Marketing and Customer Journeys



Harnessing TOFU Content for User Engagement



The Role of Diverse Products in Customer Retention vs. Acquisition



Shrinking Interlude: Using Reduced Time Between Trips as a Retention Metric



Veena World's Philosophy: Trust as the Cornerstone



Navigating Funnels: Crafting Communications and Tech-Powered Personalization



In Tandem: Veena World's Art of Product-to-Customer Play Across Offline and Online Channels



Veena World's Playbook: The Dynamics of Knowledge Sharing and Content Packaging



Unleashing Exploration: How Avoiding Traveler Limits Ignites More Journeys with Veena World



Neil's Insights: Elevating User Engagement in the Travel Sector with Proven Tips

About the speaker

Neil Patil

Founder & Director at Veena World

Neil Patil, the visionary Founder & Director of Veena World, brings over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise to the travel industry. Inspired by a family deeply rooted in wanderlust, Neil turned his passion into a flourishing venture, leading to the establishment of 100+ travel offices nationwide. Beyond his role as a business leader, Neil is an avid podcaster committed to sharing daily travel tips. His dedication to engaging with Veena World’s potential and existing customers through this medium reflects his commitment to enhancing the travel experience for all.

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