Episode 33

Rohit Manghnani

Not only is Magicbricks a leader in the real estate market, but it is also evolving into a holistic service provider, addressing every need a user might have when planning to rent, buy, or sell their property. What sets them apart is their mature approach, reflected in a robust data infrastructure and a deep understanding of the complex Indian real estate landscape. Explore how Magicbricks efficiently navigates thousands of localities and diverse regulations, and be captivated by Rohit's visionary leadership that has propelled Magicbricks into a comprehensive real estate powerhouse.

Tech Sophistication and Longevity: Magicbricks' CLTV Roadmap

23 Nov 2023 | 49 mins Podcast

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In the 33rd episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur Gattani, Chief Growth Officer, WebEngage speaks to Rohit Manghnani, Chief Product Officer, Magicbricks.

Catch them as they delve into the remarkable journey of Magic Bricks over the past 17 years, establishing itself as a market leader in real estate. Initially known for buying, selling, and renting properties, Magicbricks has expanded its scope to offer a diverse range of services that cater to the entire lifecycle of consumers.

What stands out is Magicbricks’ commitment to providing more than just real estate transactions. Whether it’s painting a house, cleaning services, or a host of other offerings, they have significantly broadened their horizon. The episode highlights their impressive expansion into various services, showcasing a level of maturity in their approach.

A key aspect of Magicbricks success lies in its robust data infrastructure and in-depth understanding of the Indian real estate landscape. The discussion sheds light on the intricacies of navigating the multitude of localities across India and the complexity of determining which banks are willing to provide loans in specific geographies and floors, given the varying regulatory frameworks.

Tune in to discover the insights, challenges, and successes that have shaped Magic Bricks into a comprehensive real estate platform with a nuanced understanding of the diverse Indian market.

About the Guest

Meet Rohit Manghnani, a visionary business leader with 23 years of expertise, pioneering growth and transformation in FMCG, Retail, and Internet domains. As Chief Product Officer at Magicbricks, he drives strategic intent, fostering sustainable and profitable businesses. Renowned for his innovation leadership, Rohit has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, including India's first B2C Grocery Ecom at UNILEVER and Walmart's B2B eCom (BestPrice), propelling sales to 2250 Crores in just 4 years. With a proven track record in Strategy, Product, Marketing & Sales, Rohit continues to redefine excellence at the intersection of real estate and technology.

Rohit Manghnani

Chief Product Officer, Magicbricks

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