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Episode 31

In a world where form-filling for investments feels daunting, ET Money boasts an exceptional 82% form-fill rate, showcasing their user-friendly approach.

1 hr 8 mins | November 2, 2023

About the episode

In the 31st episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, Ankur takes a deep dive into the world of personalized finance with ET Money’s Chief Operating Officer, Santosh Navlani.

This episode uncovers the secrets behind ET Money’s exceptional 82% form fill rate, a remarkable achievement in the realm of financial services. While form filling for investments often feels overwhelming, ET Money has managed to simplify this process, making it effortless and user-friendly.

The podcast also offers a sneak peek into the intricate artistry of personalized finance at ET Money. It’s not just about understanding user personas; it’s about crafting tailored financial journeys.

A significant highlight of the episode is the unveiling of “Genius”, a feature that epitomizes data-driven brilliance. Unlike traditional investment advisories that simply push users to invest more and sell less, “Genius” takes a different approach. It aims to guide users with balanced and well-informed strategies, illuminating pathways to optimal investments amidst a sea of confusing advice.

In essence, this episode serves as a gateway into the innovative realm of ET Money’s user-centric financial strategies. It promises insights into personalized finance, demystifying investments, and showcasing a tool that isn’t just intelligent but revolutionary.

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From Accidental Entrepreneurs to FinTech Innovator



Then vs. Now: The Evolution of Wealth Tech in 5 Years



ET Money: Empowering Through Financial Education



Smart Choices, Long-Term Gains: ET Money's Investment Landscape



ET Money's Umbrella: Sheltering Investments and Dreams



Psychographic Investing: Attracting Long-Term Investors



Decoding Investor Journeys: Unraveling Individualized Routes



82% Form Fill Rate: A User Engagement Miracle



Empowering Investors: The Direct vs. Regular Dilemma



User Experience Redefined: How FinTech Innovations Alleviated Investment Frictions



Fine-Tuning Investments: How Investor Personas Shape Portfolio Protection



Elevating Financial Well-being: Genius as the Cornerstone of Empowered Investment Decisions



The Upsell Dynamics: Exploring the Journey from Trial to Genius Subscription



Understanding ET Money's Advisory vs. Operational Capabilities



Aspirations and Challenges in Tailoring Content for Individual Investor Needs



Breaking UX Norms and Discovering Surprising User Behaviors



Shaping a Strategy Rooted in Financial Literacy



Recognizing the Role of Timing in Customer Conversions

About the speaker

Santosh Navlani

COO at ET Money

Meet Santosh Navlani, the dynamic COO behind India’s leading mutual funds app and investment advisory platform, ET Money. With a passion for empowering investors, Santosh has introduced groundbreaking features like the ET Money Fund Report Card and ET Money Genius. His innovative approach and strategic vision have reshaped the financial landscape, making ET Money a trailblazer in the industry. As a respected opinion leader, Santosh shares his wealth management insights on ‘The ET Money Show’ aired on ET Now, solidifying his reputation as a driving force in India’s fintech sector.

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