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WebEngage has been a great complement to our growth strategy. It provides engagement and analytics on the same dashboard, making things very easy.

Siddhant Raizada

Ex-VP Branding & Experience, Shuttl

Grow your Trips & Ride-hailing business with us

Run retargeting campaigns for your unknown visitors through Google & Facebook

Always be top of the mind of your users before their commuting needs by notifying them of anything that could have a direct impact on their experience with your brand. You can also retarget your dormant users on Facebook and Google by exporting the lookalike audience from WebEngage and running targeted ads for them.

Cross promote your ancillary services for higher retention

Apart from increasing your core metric of “rides booked”, keeping your riders informed about your add-on services & nudging them towards availing them can give a real boost to your revenues. This could be easily accomplished through WebEngage Journeys.