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The Travel and Hospitality Master Pack

Try to remember a time within the past year when you came across a Travel and Hospitality brand. It’s highly likely that you must have felt apologetic or remorse for their plight inflicted upon by the pandemic. It was an absolute shutdown for them, forcing many to pull down the shutters forever.

And while the industry continues to reel with the aftereffects of it, posting a still lower occupancy and booking rates, the unprecedented adversity also brought about a change in the traditional marketing methods by the Travel companies. With an increased and very visual emphasis on safety, health, and social distancing, marketers have managed to successfully navigate (to a large extent) the concerns of many people, most of whom have resumed traveling again.

These innovative strategies have also seen a rise in very different ways of how people are now choosing to travel and highlight a very evident shift in their preferences.

But what were those strategies like? How did they come up with them? What sort of a change that resulted in? Are these applicable to other industries today?

All this and a lot more in our,

Travel & Hospitality Solutions Master Pack – A 3-in-1 collection of insights to help you scale your Travel and Hospitality business via better retention and increased conversions!

1. Travel industry in 2021 – A year to beat the demons of 2020!

An ebook stressing the paradigm shift in the ways travel businesses communicated to their customers on either side of the pandemic, showcased through data. This will help you understand the strategies that were used to get people back to tying up their shoes again and how they catered to the shifting needs of their customers.

2. Customer Spotlight Booklet

What’s good? – Someone advising you what to do. But what’s great? – Someone who has already done it, advising you what to do. And this is precisely what Customer Spotlight is. Leading Hotels and Hospitality Brands and Practitioners who can say “been there done that” when it comes to Retention and Engagement, and can share their “How-tos” with you.

3. Powering the Travel and Hospitality Revolution

A handbook, developed by the WebEngage co-founders, to help you understand how marketing automation is an enabler of the breakthrough user experiences for Travel and Hospitality businesses. This handbook digs a bit deeper into the various aspects of a marketing automation platform. It helps you explore the potential of the platform to transform your user engagement and retention today.

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