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Web Experiences Tailored

Create personalized experiences for your web visitors.

Web Experiences Tailored

To Your Customers' Needs

Create Personalized Experiences for Your Web Visitors

800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention

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What Makes Our Web Personalization Engine the Best-in-class?

Personalize On-page Experiences at Scale

Showcase the most relevant product recommendations based on the user behavior data, interests, demographics, etc., and boost web user engagement.

Show Contextual Notifications That Resonate with Customers

Leverage real-time user data to engage visitors with personalized web pop-ups and notifications.

Test, Measure, and Optimize Your Web Experiences

Make Your Competitors Jealous of Your Website

Granular Segmentation

Behavioral Targeting

Real-time Personalization

Low-code Setup

A/B Testing

Engagement Analytics

A word from our customers

Uplift in Revenue Growth by


Our revenue from repeat customers has seen an impressive boost, and we’ve diversified our channels, reducing costs while improving open rates and conversion rates.

Sanmaya Biswal,

Growth and Retention Manager

Increase in Retention Rate by


WebEngage’s comprehensive suite of solutions has empowered us to deliver personalized and targeted messaging across multiple channels, especially on the web.

Anup Kumar Singh,

Co-founder, TutorBin

Increase in Click-Through Revenue by


WebEngage’s innovative solutions have empowered us to connect with our customers on a deeper level, driving increased engagement and conversion rates.

Krsnaa Mehta,

Senior Vice President & Executive Director, Godrej | CEO & Founder, India Circus

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Web personalization is the process of tailoring a website’s content, user experience, and messaging to individual users based on their preferences, behavior, and demographic data. The goal is to provide website visitors a more engaging, relevant, and personalized experience.

Web personalization features include customized content, product recommendations, hyper-personalized user experiences, targeted ads, personalized pricing, predictive personalization and the use of customer data to provide more relevant and engaging online experiences.

Web personalization enhances your customers’ online shopping experience by curating personalized content and product recommendations helping shoppers find their ideal products more easily, increasing the chances of making a purchase.

Personalized product recommendations can make the shopping experience more efficient and convenient for customers by suggesting items relevant to their interests, preferences, and previous purchase history.

Personalized content boosts web engagement by providing relevant and intent-driven information that meets the needs and interests of individual customers. This prompts customers to spend more time on your website to explore more products and services.

Web personalization is crucial in building brand loyalty by creating more meaningful and personalized connections between customers and brands. Delivering personalized experience uniquely crafted to individual customer needs and preferences help brands build their trust and eventually strengthen customer loyalty.

WebEngage helps you build seamless user experiences for your website visitors converting mundane and static websites into dynamic and interactive interface. Our web personalization engine allows you to drive quality website conversions by personalizing on-page elements, showing interactive web pop-ups and testing, experimenting and optimizing every web page detail.

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We approached WebEngage when we were unhappy with a competitor's product. We wanted excellent service, which is one of WebEngage's intrinsic values. From Oberoi Hotels & EazyDiner to The Postcard Hotel, we're a 100% WebEngage client!

Kapil Chopra

Founder - EazyDiner & The PostCard hotel

Global brands trust WebEngage


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