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User-Engaged Holidays: Bespoke EdTech Engagement Strategies for a Sunny Connection

22nd February, 2024

Holidays mean lots of buzz around shopping, office parties, home decor, etc. Holidays also mean cust...

15 Mins Read

How To Build An Email Marketing Strategy As An Edtech Company That Converts

7th August, 2023

As an edtech company competing in an industry that’s projected to reach $605 billion by 2027,...

8 Mins Read

WhatsApp: The Key to Unlocking Your EdTech Marketing Potential

9th June, 2023

Over the past few years, the Edtech industry has seen sharp growth. Forbes expects the global Edtec...


How Leading EdTech Brands Are Acing User Engagement and Retention

EdTech Guide: Master The Art Of Learner Engagement

The EdTech User Engagement Master Pack

Case Study
5th January, 2024

Learn how AI-led edtech platform AlmaBetter saw an increase in lead generation, average conversion rate, and more with WebEngage.

Average Conversion Rate on Notifications and Surveys Sent To Students
12th December, 2023

Learn how Testbook automated communication, unified customer data, and increased ROI and engagement.

Conversions from push notifications in 1 month
27th June, 2023

Learn how Nigerian edtech platform uLesson saw a 73% increase in MAUs and a 20% increase in unique conversions for subscriptions through in-app campaigns.

Increase In Unique Conversions For Subscriptions Through In-App Campaigns

3 Mins Read

Indian EdTech Demands Hyper-Personalisation: WebEngage Perspective

19th March, 2024
WebEngage, a full-stack Retention Operating System, has been making a significant impact in the dom...

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Sultan Partners with WebEngage to Level Up its Customer Engagement

24th May, 2024
Kuwait’s leading retail chain picks renowned AI-driven marketing automation platform, WebEngage. S...
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