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User Engagement

How Leading EdTech Brands Are Acing User Engagement and Retention

Just as technology has reshaped and improved the dominant segments of our economy, EdTech has given birth to a revolution as well. Its potential was realized when distance learning became a norm due to COVID-19. Investments in the Indian EdTech market led by platforms such as Byju’s, Unacademy, and Toppr were up 300% in 2020. Increased funds and remote learning brought a boom to new users for various EdTech platforms such as Toppr, Testbook, Byjus. But customer acquisition alone cannot drive conversions.

Any business needs to acquire new users, increasing the inflow at the top of the funnel. But it is users at the bottom of the funnel that drive conversions. Therefore, necessitating the shift in the marketing strategy of EdTech brands towards increasing retention and platform stickiness.

And WebEngage is at the forefront, supporting a powerful squadron of entrepreneurs, marketers, and product managers like you to:

  • Reduce new customer acquisition costs
  • Nurture and retain existing customers to increase stickiness
  • Engage with the most active customers to drive engagement

Our case studies help you understand just this as we explore the strategies of leading EdTech brands.

As you flip through the pages of the customer spotlight booklet, you will be fascinated to discover how some of our leading EdTech are solving their user engagement and retention marketing woes using WebEngage’s marketing automation platform. More specifically, how brands are addressing challenges such as enhancing content consumption, personalizing students’ learning experience and converting free users to paid subscribers. And are also driving massive success by delivering one-to-one, highly memorable user experiences.

In this e-book, you will get access to:

  • Toppr’s strategy to increase subscription by 133% through personalized campaigns
  • How Testbook achieved 15% conversion uplift from free to paid users
  • How Unacademy increased engagement with the help of action-based recommendations
  • 15% uplift in fee payments by multi-sided communication by Cuemath

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