The EdTech Master Pack

The EdTech Master Pack

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A 5-in-1 collection to help you scale up your EdTech user engagement and retention

TL;DR: The EdTech Master Pack is an exclusive collection of guides to help the modern Edtech marketers, product managers, and entrepreneurs in transforming and improving the user experience that leads to impactful engagement and retention. 

The pack contains 5 different resources – Three playbooks on learner, teacher and parent engagement each, one customer spotlight booklet, and a guide to help you understand the role of marketing automation in EdTech.

Edtech on the rise 

EdTech, or education technology encompasses everything – from the simple use of computers to teach math and reading to children by elementary school professors, to the submission of homework online. From individuals and workforce upgrading their skills via mobile & web applications to individuals preparing for tests with the help of online learning. From children grasping various concepts through video-based learning to individuals taking online classes to get their degree certifications. 

The traditional, majorly offline, education models are now being transformed by a powerful squadron of entrepreneurs, marketers, and product managers like you. Just as technology, and particularly the digital and mobile heavy era, has reshaped and improved most major segments of our economy, Edtech has given birth to a revolution too. And its adoption is rising like never before.

Why should you focus on your EdTech user engagement and retention? 

You’ve experienced the pain of constantly spending big money on acquiring new users and then witnessing minimal uplift in business growth – while grappling with churning users and larger drop-offs.

It’s time to hinge on the ever beneficial aspect of your user lifecycle – engagement and retention. 

Focus on constantly delivering exceptional and encouraging user experiences to your users and make more money from your existing users. 

Here’s why:

  1. Retaining a user costs  lesser than acquiring a new user
  2. Engaging with your existing users contextually leads to user stickiness 
  3. Paying attention to the hottest, most active segment of your users leads to better conversions

What’s inside the EdTech Master Pack? 

The EdTech Master Pack is an exclusive compilation of 5 different resources to help the modern squadron of EdTech marketers, product managers, and entrepreneurs like you. The pack includes:

  • Master the art of learner engagement

A handy guide put together by the Growth and Marketing teams to help you solve every use case that concerns EdTech learner engagement and retention. Right from student engagement for your K12 models and learner engagement for the test preparation platforms to individual and workforce engagement for your skill development platforms. 

  • Master the art of teacher engagement

The second guide is developed by the Growth and Marketing teams to help you solve every use case that concerns EdTech teacher engagement and retention. Right from teacher/tutor engagement for your K12 platforms to expert engagement for test preparation platforms and courses available on your skill development platforms

  • Master the art of parent engagement

The next guide is curated by the Growth and Marketing teams to help you solve every use case that concerns EdTech parent engagement and retention. Right from the parent users who enroll their kids for after-school learning on your K12 and test preparation platforms to parents who also facilitate upskilling courses for their children on your skill development platforms. 

  • Customer spotlight booklet

A booklet, curated by the Customer Success and Services specialists at WebEngage, that features the success stories of some of the leading EdTech brands across the globe. As you read through their stories, you’ll be fascinated to discover how these brands have transformed their learner, teacher, and parent engagement resulting in a constant increase in their revenues. 

  • Powering the EdTech revolution

A handbook, developed by the WebEngage co-founders, that will help you understand how marketing automation is an enabler of the breakthrough user experiences for EdTech businesses. This handbook digs a bit deeper into the various aspects of a marketing automation platform and helps you explore the potential of the platform to transform your user EdTech engagement and retention. 

Leading EdTech brands across the globe have been associated with WebEngage for a long time now. If you’re an EdTech marketer, product manager, or entrepreneur too – the EdTech Master Pack could be something that you’ll want to keep coming back to once you’ve downloaded it for yourself! (We’re not kidding!)

Zishaan HayathCEO, Toppr

WebEngage has brought more cadence and rigor to our communication. Our product and marketing teams are now more efficient at what they do!

Scott NewtonCCO, Shaw Academy

The WebEngage platform has been crucial in revolutionizing our entire online user experience. The platform has helped us deliver a highly-personalized experience to our users consistently.

Narendra AgrawalCo-Founder, Testbook

WebEngage's Marketing Cloud ingested data from our systems and enabled us to use it to create tailored campaigns that resonated with our users.

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