Boost enrolment rates
and maximize learner

WebEngage provides solutions for every use case that helps test preparation businesses increase learner engagement and revenue.

Nudge your learners to take their upcoming tests

Convert your one time reminders into intelligent workflow-backed reminders to keep your users informed regularly about their upcoming tests. Track user’s actions/inactions and tailor real-time communication to each individual through various channels, and experience up to 125% improvement in test completion rates.

Ensure learners complete their tests, once started

Engage your daily subscribers with compelling and highly contextual messages based on their interest and actual progress. This removes the backlog and keeps the learner motivated to complete tests on time.

    To-do list for today:

  • Do sample questions
  • Give one mock test
  • Attend a live class

Maximize feature discovery and time spent on your platform

Deliver experiences with a complete understanding of user’s preferences, interests, and history to significantly improve conversions and user loyalty. Actively engage with learners via data-driven campaigns to inform them about platform features, top-rated content based on their preferences.

Identify active learners and get them to invest in multiple test packs

Find the perfect time to approach a customer about additional services and products. Moreover, as you add more tests to your system, our engines help you identify the right candidates for the upsell, thereby raising your pricing page views by over 130% and upsell conversion by 40%.

  • Sample test completed
  • Payment push message sent
  • Payment completed

Accelerate your free-to-paid conversions

Filter the casual sign-ups from the serious evaluators by leveraging a value-driven approach and pitch tailor-made test preparation packages to push the serious users towards the conversion funnel.

Boost your video content consumption

Serve highly personalized content at the right time to users based on their preferences, and maximize your video content consumption ushering them to watch relevant videos.

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Why choose WebEngage for your EdTech Marketing

Quick and Easy Integration

Refer to our highly effective integration playbook to complete your integration and set up WebEngage within no time.

Seamless Onboarding

Work with our team of onboarding specialists at every stage of onboarding until you go live with your first campaign on WebEngage.

Superior Customer Success

Leverage our experienced customer success team to brainstorm highly effective marketing solutions relevant to your business needs.

Dedicated Support & Service

Have a query or need more information about our product or services? Our support team is available 24*7 to help you resolve your queries instantly.

We are not just an interface - But a real face

After several brainstorming sessions with our customers, we come up with ideas that align with their goals and support their future business growth.

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AVP, Customer Services & Implementation

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