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WebEngage provides solutions for every use case that concerns (B2B) workforce as well as (B2C) individual skill development business models

  • Workforce Upskilling
  • Individual Upskilling

Close leads and onboard new customers faster

Simplify the B2B buyer journey which is becoming longer and complex by the day. Shorten your lead sales cycle by leveraging the lead scoring model that helps you to identify the hottest segment of leads. Also quicken the onboarding process by sending out help guides (on getting started with your platform via in-app push notifications, etc.)

Automate and customize co-marketing campaigns to foster stronger B2B relationships

Integrate your brand with the lead's broader training curriculum by actively co-marketing in all your outgoing messages. With one email, exhibit your services and offerings to an already-established list of new potential users.

Ensure maximum attendance by sending timely nudges

Constantly motivate the end-users to complete the course by coming back to your platform. Timely nudges using behavioral science and data analytics, improves attendance by 25% and platform usage by upto 40%.

Track and assign coursework as per the learners progress

88% of learners prefer to learn at their own pace, and traditional training methods fail to align with this reality. Offer customized solutions based on individual learning goals and aptitude, overall improving course completion rates and user satisfaction.

  • Segment name ‘Power Users’
  • Courses browsed < 4 hrs
  • Recommend new courses

Upsell course modules to learners based on their historic data

Incorporate past behavior and learnings into your sales processes to proactively identify upselling opportunities on an ongoing basis. Send out consistent personalized product recommendations to boost sales revenue by an average of 10-30%.

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Onboard new learners smoothly with active engagement

Help new learners understand and experience how your product can help them achieve their goals. Ensure 100% product adoption with the power of data-driven, timely user engagement across multiple channels or devices.

Get users to invest in multiple courses

Aid the discovery of new courses, and spur existing users to invest in value-added upgrades and services. Nurture and follow up with users to push them into that upgrade, adding at least 15% to your sales.

Nudge users proactively to ensure course module completion

With goal-driven, action-oriented messages & gamification techniques, keep the momentum high and urge users towards 100% course completion. A push notification sent a day prior to a module expiry, can grow your course completions by upto 2x.

Fast-track the shift from 'free user' to 'paying customer'

Differentiate between power users and sporadic users and convert them with custom plans offering value-added services based on their learning journey. Nurture your trial users until they are ready to buy. Personalized communication based on actionable insights gives you 2X increase in sign-ups for paid packages.

Maximize content discovery on your platform

Your content library is in place but it needs to reach the right user at the right time. We make the discovery seamless, one that evolves with your reader’s behavior, and distribute it among channels that will get you the most ROI.

Reduce churn through personalized experiences

Turn acquisition and activation into growth by reducing churn of valued customers. A tailored email and push marketing campaign for newly acquired users can keep the students hooked to your product and drive an average of over 30% of your sales.

Make the most of the features available on the WebEngage marketing automation platform

Multi-channel Engagement

Understand engagement trends across different course modules and times of day. Build user engagement across channels like push, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, web, SMS and more!

Product Analytics

Analyze user behaviour and get product usage insights in the form of events, segments, funnels, cohorts, uninstalls and real-time stats.

Campaign Analytics

Test and automatically track your campaign's performance for deliveries, failures, opens, impressions, clicks, revenue and so on in real-time.

Journey Designer

Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns.

Campaign Localization

Adapt your message’s content and delivery as per your user’s timezone, language, currency & preferences.

Customer Retention

Track the complete customer journey and encourage customers to return to your app via timely and personalized communication

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Why choose WebEngage for your EdTech Marketing

Quick and Easy Integration

Refer to our highly effective integration playbook to complete your integration and set up WebEngage within no time.

Seamless Onboarding

Work with our team of onboarding specialists at every stage of onboarding until you go live with your first campaign on WebEngage.

Superior Customer Success

Leverage our experienced customer success team to brainstorm highly effective marketing solutions relevant to your business needs.

Dedicated Support & Service

Have a query or need more information about our product or services? Our support team is available 24*7 to help you resolve your queries instantly.

We are not just an interface - But a real face

After several brainstorming sessions with our customers, we come up with ideas that align with their goals and support their future business growth.

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