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Glow and Lovely Careers, an EdTech platform for women, drives 11.22% course completion rate using WebEngage
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WebEngage has helped us deliver a smooth learning experience to our users and has played an instrumental role in our user engagement activities.

Ragini Chilappagari
Global Brand Development, Glow & Lovely

About Glow & Lovely Careers

Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) is a mobile platform set up to remove barriers for women to get quality career guidance, skills, and job opportunities. Whether someone’s a student or a job seeker, the platform helps women create their identity through education via mobile.

Glow & Lovely Careers’ mission is to empower 5 million women across Asia and Africa through 500+ courses around career guidance, skill development, languages, and job opportunities. It enables career-focused learning by partnering with other Edtech platforms like NIIT, Testbook, English Edge, and edX among others.

Seeking the right platform that meets the expectations

To meet the objective of empowering women through learning, the Glow & Lovely Careers team decided to adopt WebEngage’s marketing automation platform to:

  1. Connect with learners on a one-to-one basis
  2. Encourage learners to enroll for courses and complete the courses on time
  3. Provide a seamless learning experience


  • Maximize course enrollments
  • Encourage learners to complete their courses on time
  • Create a positive feedback loop to improve the learning experience


  • Identifying and mapping prospective learners’ course preferences 
  • Delivering contextual engagement to learners at scale
  • Building various segments of learners and figuring out the right communication


1. Hyper-personalized, course-based engagement 

Glow & Lovely Careers executed learner lifecycle campaigns using the WebEngage Journey Designer. The journey was executed for all the visitors who view the course section. So every time a prospective learner visits any course on the Glow & Lovely Careers platform, the learner gets a Web Push encouraging her to enroll in the course. Learners who still don’t enroll for a course within X hours get subsequent campaigns through email and web push. These campaigns are personalized based on the type of course viewed by the prospective learners – to establish confidence and connect with the learner.

2. Progress-based, timely, and contextual learner engagement

The Glow & Lovely Careers team created a multi-channel engagement journey to nudge the learners to complete their course and continue learning – by sending out timely campaigns tailored to the learner’s progress of the course on the platform. 

For example, if a learner has completed only 15% of her course, she would receive a different communication than another learner who has completed 70% of her chosen course. This led to contextual engagement with the learners and motivated them to complete the courses on time.

3. Engagement-led personalized surveys

To collect feedback from women learners, the Glow & Lovely Careers team ran targeted surveys using the WebEngage dashboard. The surveys were curated for different levels of learner engagement with the platform. For example, if a learner has only viewed a course, she would fall into the lightly engaged segment of users. Whereas another learner who has enrolled in a course and completed 50% of it becomes a part of the deeply engaged segment of users.

Segment-based campaigns were run to encourage the learners to complete the survey and help Glow & Lovely Careers provide a better learning experience based on the feedback.


Adopting a behavior-based, contextual approach and delivering targeted surveys using the WebEngage dashboard fueled maximized engagement, and accelerated course enrollment and completions for Glow & Lovely Careers. Helping the Marketing team to witness some significant results! 

Glow and Lovely Careers sees 33% uplift in course enrolment | Case Study

Ragini Chilappagari

Ragini Chilappagari Global Brand Development, Glow & Lovely

WebEngage has helped us deliver a smooth learning experience to users on our platform and has played an instrumental role in our user engagement activities. Customer Success and Support teams at WebEngage have been proactive in solving our challenges and coming up with new ideas to boost our platform engagement.

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