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How Goto, an emerging online shopping store, scales online communication, and personalizes campaigns for 10x conversions
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The cart abandonment program got us a whopping 11.57% conversion rate. We’ve been able to scale our marketing initiatives the way we want to.

Syed Mustafa Sayem
Head of Digital, Goto

Company Profile

Founded in 2016, is one of the most rapidly expanding online shopping stores in Pakistan. This e-commerce store displays a vast variety of product categories that cater to a myriad of customer needs such as Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Electronics, Computing, Phones, Appliances, etc. Its round-the-clock availability and swift delivery have enlarged its user base within a short span of time.

The Objective

Every online shopping store faces the challenge of users dropping off without making a purchase. Among all the visitors to a website, only a small percentage would actually proceed to the final stage of buying a product. An overwhelming majority of people would just be browsing and will not end up purchasing from the website. Some of them are not even frequent website visitors.

Not every user who visits your website will convert into a customer. However, it would be logical to assume that a large number of people who leave, initially came with the purpose of buying but could not follow through with the transaction. They can be prompted to purchase from the website by using appropriate techniques.

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The Solution

Product View Journey

When users view a product, they possess some intention of purchasing the product. However, they sometimes leave without buying the product. All e-commerce stores encounter this pervasive challenge of users leaving after viewing a product. utilized a multi-channel strategy to prompt users who view a product but do not end up buying it, to go ahead with the purchase.

  • Web Push
  • SMS
  • Email
Goto used personalized tokens to send targetted messages to its users
Goto used personalized tokens to send targetted messages to its users

Users were sent a voucher code offering a discount for the product they viewed but did not buy. Incentivizing the future visits prompted users to initiate the purchase. It may have come at a little cost but added great value to the business in the longer run.

Abandoned Cart Journey

In some cases, users add products to their cart but do not check them out. It is hard to believe but more than half of shopping carts are abandoned by users prior to making a purchase.

According to the Baymard Institute, an average of 69% of shoppers abandon their carts, costing online retailers an estimated $260 billion in lost revenue.

And although some of these users might not have been serious buyers to begin with, it still would not harm your business to try to convert them into customers. used the following reminders to encourage users to complete the checkout process.

  • Web Push
  • SMS
  • Email

As per Rashid Nawaz, Digital Marketing Lead at, ‘The conversion rate, in the beginning, using the above channels was 1.47%, which was not good enough. It clearly showed that many users were still not convinced to buy the product. After a brainstorming session, we decided to engage users by employing a more real-time medium’. 

The visual, real-time medium employed was:

  • Notification on Mobile & Desktop
A sneak preview of the revised Abandoned Cart journey that gave an 11.57% conversion rate.

The significance of website notifications is often undermined but they help establish an instant connection and engage website visitors. Especially the visitors who are visiting your website for the very first time, in the moments that matter.

Users were sent a voucher code offering a discount for the products they had selected and put in the cart but not checked out. As a result of this, Goto witnessed a conversion of 11.57% within a month.

Spam Check

It becomes irritating for users to receive multiple messages from the same website with different contexts. It may achieve the opposite of the intended effect – user gets confused and unsubscribes, uninstalls and abandons your brand completely. That is why it is important to introduce checks that prevent a user from getting notifications in multiple references from the website. Using WebEngage, implemented filters to prevent users who are part of more than one journey from getting messages in more than one context.

Accessibility Check

In order to prevent an excessive burden on your system, it is crucial to check the reachability of the user on the intended channel. For every campaign sent, Goto checked to see if it can access the visitor on the desired medium before sending out the message.

How achieves 10x conversions in orders placed by abandoners
A channel accessibility check was performed before sending out any message

The Result

Goto initially estimated the transactions made on their online store within 25 minutes of the users viewing the product. When they compared this number to the conversions made exclusively after users went through the journey, they saw a clear winner. The journey had a 6-7% contribution to the overall revenue from the engagement campaigns.

For Abandoned Cart Journey, Goto recorded the number of users who checked out within 30 minutes of adding products to their cart (and were not shown any marketing message) as well as the number of converted users after entering Abandoned Cart Journey. On comparing the two, they saw almost a 10X rise in conversion.

How achieves 10x conversions in orders placed by abandoners
Unique conversions from the Abandoned Cart journey

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Syed Mustafa Sayem

Syed Mustafa Sayem Head of Digital, Goto

We’ve learned and grown with WebEngage tremendously. My team is able to come up with answers quickly and, this has revolutionized the way we work. The cart abandonment program got us a whopping 11.57% conversion rate. Within a short span of time, we’ve been able to get our campaigns out of the door and scale our marketing initiatives the way we want to.

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