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Vikatan, India’s leading regional media powerhouse, boosts its reader engagement using Relays
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With WebEngage’s data analysis & engagement capabilities, we can now retain our readers & improve our North Star Metric - Return on Experience (ROX).


Vikatan is South India’s leading media powerhouse renowned for its theme-based magazines, popular television content, and enlightening books. Founded by the visionary media mogul SS Vasan in 1926 (as a magazine, Ananda Vikatan), the Vikatan Group has been at the forefront of entertaining and enlightening Tamilians.

With over 30 million readers worldwide, Vikatan aims to deliver exceptional reading experiences at scale and build an experience-driven company.

Adopting the right marketing automation platform that meets Vikatan’s expectations

To engage its readers, Vikatan decided to adopt WebEngage’s marketing automation platform to:

  • Deliver authentic reader experiences
  • Boost mobile and web app engagement
  • Minimize app uninstalls


  • Deliver an authentic reader experience by incorporating readers’ feedback
  • Minimize app uninstalls to reduce churn


  • Real-time reader engagement at scale
  • Lack of app uninstall data and trends


  • Hyper-personalized, genre-based engagement using Relays

The Customer Success Manager suggested the teams at Vikatan leverage Relays in order to deliver real-time communication to its readers.

Relays is a series of workflow-based communication that helps them engage their readers based on the occurrence of a Business Event.

The team created genre-based segments to send targeted communication to its readers through Relays.

  • Automated, real-time reader engagement at scale

The Product and Marketing teams at Vikatan wanted to understand the root cause of app uninstalls. And to do that, they looked at their readers’ app install/uninstall data on the WebEngage dashboard. On analyzing the uninstall trends, they decided to reach out to readers who uninstalled the app. After running a survey with these users, it was found that a majority of their readers uninstalled the app after the app crashed on their devices.

To immediately encourage these readers to upgrade their apps and continue consuming the content, Vikatan has created a multi-channel engagement journey using the WebEngage Journey Designer


Vikatan has been able to engage and retain its readers using a data-driven, genre-based reader engagement approach. They continue to deliver authentic reading experiences to millions of Tamilians worldwide and improve its North Star Metric – Return on Experience (ROX).

The WebEngage Effect on Vikatan


Team Vikatan

Minimizing app uninstalls was a massive challenge for us and an important step in fighting user churn. With WebEngage’s data analysis and engagement capabilities, we can now retain our readers and also improve our North Star Metric i.e. Return on Experience (ROX). The WebEngage Customer Success and Support teams are always proactive in solving our challenges and identifying new growth opportunities.

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