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Episode 11

Dive into the competitive insurance industry with Ankur Gattani and Sameer Jain, as they take you through a user’s journey of buying insurance online. The curveballs that come in the form of high CACs and steep drop offs across funnels, make for an interesting listen. Find out how Max life Insurance is trying to overcome these challenges with personalization and providing seamless user experience.

1 hr 20 mins | 25 May, 2023

About the episode

Welcome to the 11th episode of The State of Retention Marketing podcast, hosted by Ankur Gattani, VP of Growth & Marketing at WebEngage. In this episode, we have Sameer Jain, VP & Head of D2C eCommerce at Max Life Insurance.

Together, Ankur and Sameer embark on an insightful journey through the world of retention marketing in the insurance industry. They unravel the strategies and challenges faced by insurance companies like Max Life Insurance in acquiring and engaging customers.

Join them as they discuss acquisition strategies, product focus, and the competitive landscape of the insurance industry. Discover the marketing aggression and market share dynamics that shape the industry and explore effective funnels for seamless customer journeys and lead generation.

Ankur and Sameer also decode the intricacies of funnels, exploring what works and what doesn’t in driving customer engagement and conversions. They shed light on driving targeted creative ads through segmentation and maximizing funnel re-engagement through remarketing strategies.

The episode also dives into decoding user journeys, optimizing acquisition strategies, and creative strategies for converting leads with a sense of urgency.

Finally, get a glimpse into the digital transformation journey at Max Life Insurance, as Ankur and Sameer discuss the strategies and technologies employed to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you’re passionate about retention marketing and interested in the insurance industry’s unique challenges and strategies, this podcast episode is a must-listen.

Navigate through the chapters



Acquisition Strategies & Product Focus in Competitive Insurance Industry



Marketing Aggression & Market Share Dynamics



Accelerating Growth: Effective Funnels & Lead Generation



Lead Generation Challenges & Max Life's Stickiness Strategy



Unveiling Potential Buyers: The Power of Need Analysis



Solving Lack of Insurance Education in India



Decoding Funnels: What Works & What Doesn't?



Driving Targeted Creative Ads Through Segmentation



Re-marketing Strategies: Maximizing Funnel Re-Engagement



Decoding User Journeys & Optimizing Acquisition



Creating Last-Minute Urgency: Strategies to Convert Leads



Extending Customer Engagement Beyond the Sale



Simplifying Digital Cross-Sell Journeys for Max Life



Digital Transformation at Max Life Insurance

About the speaker

Sameer Jain

VP & Head of D2C eCommerce, Max Life Insurance

Sameer Jain is a growth-focused and innovative leader, skilled in solving customer-centric business challenges through technology and data. Currently leading a team dedicated to building the largest and most loved D2C insurance business in India – Max Life Insurance, Sameer is setting industry benchmarks with his visionary approach.

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