Use data to help your
gamers maintain
their love for gaming

Grow your Real Money Gaming business with us

Act upon your D1 to D90 retention rates

Act upon your Day(n) retention rates to bring back inactive users

Keep an active eye on your daily /weekly /monthly retention rates to run hyper-targeted and triggered campaigns for low engaged users to fight possible churn. Help the dormant users realize your game’s value proposition and deliver a gratifying experience through gamification and rewards.

Make more revenues

Make more revenue from your existing users through RFM analysis

Use RFM analysis to rate the buying behavior of your gamers, which can help you identify different player segments - potential advocates, champions, at risk, etc. This, in turn, can help you run segment-specific campaigns to get them to the next level in their customer journey.

Prolong the lifetime value

Use deposit amounts and player activity to identify your VIP gamers

Your VIP gamers will be the ones who will generate the most revenue for you, show the highest engagement on your platform, be your brand advocates and also be the first to help you better your platform and gaming experience. This is why it’s extremely important to identify them, nurture them and ensure that they always have the best experience on your platform.

Retain users longer

Retain players longer to increase your ARPU & optimize acquisition spends

Your players come from many different directions, after either interacting with one or many campaigns of yours or through pure play word of mouth. And WebEngage can help you differentiate between what’s working and what’s not so as to align your spends to the channels with the most revenue generation potential.

Make the most of the features available on the WebEngage marketing automation platform

Multi-channel Engagement

Understand engagement trends across different categories, times of day and channels like Mobile Push, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and more!

Product Analytics

Analyze user behaviour and get product usage insights in the form of events, segments, funnels, cohorts, uninstalls and real-time stats.

Campaign Analytics

Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns.

Journey Designer

Understand engagement trends across different course modules and times of day

Campaign Localization

Adapt your message’s content and delivery as per your user’s timezone, language, currency & preferences.

Customer Retention

Track the complete customer journey and encourage customers to return to your app via timely and personalized communication

Riveting growth stories from our EngageCast channel

Some bold & some outright crazy narratives, from the practitioners themselves!

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Why Gaming businesses choose WebEngage

Quick and Easy Integration

Refer to our highly effective integration playbook to complete your integration and set up WebEngage within no time.

Seamless Onboarding

Work with our team of onboarding specialists at every stage of onboarding until you go live with your first campaign on WebEngage.

Superior Customer Success

Leverage our experienced customer success team to brainstorm highly effective marketing solutions relevant to your business needs.

Dedicated Support & Service

Have a query or need more information about our product or services? Our support team is available 24*7 to help you resolve your queries instantly.

Build your Gaming business with us

After several brainstorming sessions with our customers, we come up with ideas that align with their goals and support their future business growth.

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AVP, Customer Services & Implementation

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Enterprise Customers

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Users Tracked Monthly

75 Billion

Events Tracked Monthly

15 Billion

Messages Sent Monthly

1+ Million

Cross-Channel Campaigns

300 Million

Users Engaged Monthly

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