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The Mobile Gaming Industry Master Pack

Mobile Gaming Industry Guide To User Engagement and Retention

Let me ask you, what’s the longest duration for which you’ve been addicted to any particular game? End consumers of the mobile gaming industry spend 11% of their on-screen time playing mobile games. (Report)

If you’re similar to others, your answer would vary from quite a few weeks to a few months. At best. You’ve no obligation to stick to one game and whether due to changing preferences, some clever marketing tactics, or because your friend asked you to, there’s always a flurry of new games you always want to “check out”.

This is the predicament that Gaming businesses deal with every single minute of the day. Yes, you heard that right!

Figuring out when a user will start disliking something, what communication will get a user to explore something new, or how to get back a non-interested user, are just some of the many questions these companies juggle with every single day.

And to help the Marketers & Product Managers of such Gaming businesses get a full-proof and relevant answer to this pressing question, we’re bringing to you,

The Mobile Gaming Industry Master Pack – A 4-in-1 collection of insights to help you scale your Gaming business via better retention and increased conversions!

1. The Real Money Games Playbook

The Real Money Games Playbook

Deposits. Games. Winnings. Competitions. Bets. VIPs. Real Money Games have a number of moving parts that need very differentiated strategies to keep them on an upward trajectory. But what exactly should you know about building a successful RMG business? What all should you be measuring? To what extent? Is it just about deposits? We’ll explore all of that and many more such questions in this ebook.

2. The Gaming Metrics ebook

The Gaming App Metrics Ebook

Online games fall into a whole variety of different genres. And as such, the metrics used to measure the success of such games should obviously vary too. This ebook will talk about the different Gaming metrics that you ought to track along with their benchmark indices.

3. Customer Spotlight Booklet

Customer Success Stories From Mobile Gaming Industry On User Engagement & Retention

What’s good? – Someone advising you what to do.
But what’s great? – Someone who has already done it, advising you what to do.
And this is precisely what Customer Spotlight is. Leading Gaming Brands and Practitioners who can say “been there done that” when it comes to Retention and Engagement, and can share their “How-tos” with you.

4. Powering the Gaming Revolution

Handbook on Powering The Gaming Revolution

A handbook, developed by the WebEngage co-founders, to help you understand how marketing automation is an enabler of the breakthrough user experiences for Gaming businesses. This handbook digs a bit deeper into the various aspects of a marketing automation platform. It helps you explore the potential of the platform to transform your user Gaming engagement and retention today.

Leading Gaming brands across the globe have been associated with WebEngage for a long time now. If you’re a Gaming marketer, product manager, or entrepreneur too – the Gaming Master Pack could be something that you’ll want to keep coming back to once you’ve downloaded it for yourself!

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