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The State of Careers In Retention Marketing

The State of Careers in Retention Marketing is a first-of-its-kind guide to paint a vivid picture of all the variables that constitute the retention marketing job market, from talent, skills, interviews, positions, salaries & hikes, growth prospects, career trajectories, and more.

What’s in the report?

To establish a career in retention marketing, this report contains consumable infographics and actionable findings around:

  • The demand in the current job market
  • Non-negotiable and negotiable key competencies
  • The relevant work experience & education it takes to open doors
  • Compensation range & structure
  • Interview process & tips
  • Potential positions in the space
  • Growth paths

Where does the data come from?

We spent the last three months aggregating data from 320+ working professionals across 20+ industries and interviewed CXOs, digital heads, and growth specialists, data that captures and spotlights The State of Careers in Retention Marketing.

Who is this report for?

This report is for marketing professionals with two or more years of experience under their belt who want to build a career in retention marketing and user engagement. That being said, freshers are also welcome to help themselves to this handy guide.

Why should you read this report?

Retention Marketers In The Running To Become CMOs Of The Future.

Customer retention has become a power center owing to its nature of sustainable growth as well as profitability. There is a meteoric rise in the demand to not only practice retention but also hire talented retention marketers.

Although careers in retention marketing have existed for decades, it’s blossoming from a niche to a mainstream marketing discipline. However, there was a lot of mystique around the navigation of jobs in this space that clearly needed to be demystified.

This detailed resource provides a one-stop shop to contemplate or kickstart a career in retention marketing by evaluating every decision-making parameter to make informed decisions.

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