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WebEngage provides a live overview of changes in user data on the platform, making it a great tool for measurement and data visualization.

Mahip Tripathi

Asst. Manager Analytics & Operations, PokerDangal

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Nudge new players to quickly realise the AHA moment of your app

The sooner your new users realize the aha moment of your app, the prolonged their stay will be; positively affecting a number of your bottom-line metrics, and therefore, revenues. This requires eliminating unnecessary frictions from your onboarding and nudging them towards activation, via relevant communications.

Offer seamless user experience while upgrading from free to paid apps

Migrate players’ progress, data, trained models and preferences automatically and ensure they have a smooth transition from your free to paid app. This would also be a sign of your casual gamers turning to loyal players, whom you could then nurture to be your brand advocates and bring some word of mouth growth for you.

Offer inspiration and send real time updates as the games progress

Stimulate your “always on the lookout for better odds” gaming fraternity towards greater engagement levels through gamification elements (leaderboards, badges, coins, etc) and real time progress updates. These act as great pull factors to up your player activity and also boost your customer lifetime.

Enable a cross-channel communications strategy to boost app stickiness

For games, contests & tournaments are great at getting users back on the platform (improving retention) as well as increasing deposits. And a cross-platform communication strategy will prevent you from leaving substantial revenues on the table by complying with the needs of a preferential userbase.

Use the power of segmentation to solve your acquisition woes