7 Tips to Improve Black Friday Sales in 2019

7 Tips to Improve Black Friday Sales in 2019

Here are seven tips that will help you improve Black Friday sales in 2018 & 2019:

If you are in the online shopping business and are not sure about what Black Friday or Cyber Monday is, I am not sure if you’re making any profits or not!

If you know what they are and still not doing anything about it. It’s high time you realize that you aren’t made for it and change your business.

If you have taken steps and, want to encash this spending spree to the maximum potential, you are at the right place. Through this post, I will highlight use-cases that will help you sell more and more through you e-commerce website. The majority of the use-cases will involve the use of website overlays, not because WebEngage is a pioneer of it but more so because it is in fact the best possible way to monetize traffic on your website.

Table Of Contents:

1. Tip# 1: Be crazy about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and tell your customers about it.
2. Tip# 2: Create a sense of urgency
3. Tip# 3: Tell them, they aren’t the only ones buying
4. Tip# 4: Offer bigger deals on product bundles
5. Tip# 5: Landing pages for brands or categories
6. Tip# 6: Be mobile ready
7. Tip# 7: You’re not done yet. There’s also ‘Giving Tuesday’

Tip# 1: Be crazy about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and tell your customers about it.

It is a festival, and it should look like one. Change your website’s banner. If possible, change the look and feel of your website. Shoppers are looking for deals all over the internet, let them know that you have them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.04.28 pm

Use of Modal Window:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.20.59 pm

Use of Website Intercept:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.07.33 pm

Tip# 2: Create a sense of urgency

Every shopper out there is looking to grab the best deal there is. They search for it on every e-commerce website they could imagine. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to inform them that your deal is live now, but will not be live for long.

This sense of urgency can be created by a timer on deals, something like this:

timer popup

Tip# 3: Tell them, they aren’t the only ones buying

No matter how much you stock up, inventories are bound to run out. Tell your users when you reach low inventory. Shoppers, sitting on the fence are more probable to click the ‘Buy Now’ button when they see their wishlist getting picked up off the shelf fast.

limited inventory

Tip# 4: Offer bigger deals on product bundles.

Bundling is one of the best things that happened to shopping general. It provides a better deal on a number of products in one go for the shopper. For the business, it helps to sell more and at times, unwanted stuff in the name of bundling.

Bundle 2

Bundling can be used in the classic way as shown above or with the interference of data, it be promoted as an end to end accessory package tagged along with the main product bought. Something as shown below:


Tip# 5: Landing pages for brands or categories.

While it is common to run envelope deals on everything, it is also highly recommended to run deals specific to brands or categories. The benefit of doing so is to get the shoppers into a mindset a then convert them.

Such landing pages make it convenient for the shopper to check out his/ her shopping list easily which results in a bulk purchase from one single website.

The traffic received on the home page can be easily diverted to these specific landing pages by showing a pop-up relevant to their profile. I hope this illustration helps the cause:


Tip# 6: Be mobile ready

Well, this tip is so obvious that I was not very sure if this should be included or not but then I was reminded of this:

Every e-commerce website worth its salt is either has a mobile app or has a mobile responsive website. While the online real estate is still considerable on desktops and laptops, when it comes to mobile devices, space is really a crunch. In such times, headers like the one shown below helps you to divert traffic to the most relevant pages and convert more and more of them.

mobile header

Tip# 7: You’re not done yet. There’s also ‘Giving Tuesday’

After the voraciously devouring deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is beautiful when people give back to the society on Giving Tuesday.

One point that we should keep in mind is, though spill-over, the festivities still continue and shopping goes on. The reason may change, the messaging may change, the business remains the same.

Now you are done

That is it. Enough of tiring advice and business tips. Let the celebrations roll and may the force be with you.

Happy Marketing!

iImage source: dribbble.com

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